Words are Land Owners…”I’m willing to die for my property

After more meetings on the pipeline develop and more and more people have more questions about the safety about pipelines, fracking and the roll of corporations in their personal communities.
After seeing the attendance of local township commissioners at local pipeline awareness meetings, and the arrival eminent domain lawyers, it is becoming more apparent that citizens are in fear of their property and just how much power oil companies have over communities.
I support the advancement ofIMG_0021 alternate forms of energy and perhaps a community based smaller grid of electricity. I do not support violence nor do I call for anyone to do anything illegal.
Although it seems at this point oil and fracking companies are playing with a stronger “deck”, the game is certainly not over.
As people educate their neighbors and become more aware of just how dangerous “repurposing” a pipeline can be, environmental issues are going to have to be discussed at local township meetings much like community concerns for warehouse construction.
Under certain circumstances, some citizens are getting their first taste just how many of their constitutional rights have been trampled on by wealthy corporations.
Under no circumstance do you have to let a petroleum company on your property nor do they have the right even be anywhere close to the “blast zone” if an accident were to occur.
If just one (1) pipeline were to make it to port, Solar will be pushed forward for decades. Educate your neighbors and attend township meetings to let your commissioners know your feelings about the passage of petro-products. www.popularresistance.org _______FFF

Pipelines, the REAL facts.

After a packed house last evening, CPPA (Cumberland and Perry Pipeline Awareness) www.facebook.com/CAPPipelineAwareness They will be holding another meeting in about an hour at the Fairview Township Fire Social Hall on Lewisberry Rd in New Cumberland Pa 17070.
These are very informative meetings for anyone with a pipeline on their property. Although Sunocologistics is the pipeline of immediate concern, Any pipeline could be repurposed to haul NGL’s, Propane, Ethane or Natural Gas through the state. Eventually any line, using their existing ROW (Right of Way) is of major concern to any land owner in Cumberland, Perry, and York County because even though you may not be directly touched by the pipeline, the direction of flow of the materials in the line and the fact that an 80 year old pipeline is now proposed to haul gas should be reason for you to cry foul. I will write some more about how pipeline meetings have no right to eminent domain or any increase in their ROW later this evening. Thanks, ——–FFF

Giving FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP the benefit of the doubt…..WRONG MOVE

I waited until my township had finalized their 2014 budget to display it to the world. Maybe I’m just a tad bit skeptical but I think that if you took away the legal fees, interest and just general sickening judgement on the part of the people in charge of this budget, I think a 3rd grader could see all the flaws. I’m sure your township is no better. It seems as though we have doubted the idea that paying things off is an antiquated idea. I feel different. By no means do I expect you (or would you want to) go through a 45 page document that is so sad it almost ruined my saturday night. I can say this though, to look at something that cost 75000 dollars last year and budget 1500 for it this year is hardly rocket science to set yourself up for a deficit and I would almost guarantee that if we cashed our bonds in, doubled our taxes for 1 only (one) year we would probably never  approach a debt in this township for many years. ( but that’s just my opinion.) WELCOME TO THE FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP< YORK COUNTY> BUDGET 2014 ladies and gentlemen. Don’t laugh too hard. I’m trying to get some sleep tonight. Even though we don’t have to worry about this warehouse…..  ƒƒƒ      OWS   OCCUPY THE FARM   OCCUPY   OCCUPY WALL STREET ANON

2014 Final BudgetMarionwarehouse1

This week, One for the books. Northern York County loses a landmark and wins one.

           For  almost a year we have been at odds with the township over back-door zoning changes and  a board of commissioners that somehow felt the need to initiate the citizens of (semi) rural Fairview Township an ability or maybe an excuse to unite in the wake of the Corporate steam rollers Goodman-Birtcher’s     (http://us.goodman.com/)    plan to build a warehouse facility that not only grabbed the attention of the township but also the county and the mid state.

             We, as citizens of the township have not only stopped the project but re-zoned the entire township to it’s previous zoning ordinances. For that I applaud  www.theconcernedcitizensoffairview.com  our grassroots movement that brought neighbors out of their back yard pool parties and car-washings to council meetings that filled fire-halls to capacity and grabbed us a spot on every local news channel in the Harrisburg, PA region. Even though my WIFI seldom worked and my attire was hardly corporate america, I somewhat felt important as I stood diligently at the door of township meetings and somehow let the citizens of Fairview know that we were ready to fight. Legally.

              As the doors could not close because it would have caused a fire hazard, as I said before, droves of concerned citizens attended meeting after meeting, some for the financial burden it would have if they were to sell their property, others for environmental reasons and then again others for the safety of their children and themselves.

               The mission was clear for most, a 1,200,000 square foot warehouse had no place in the designated area and probably would not serve much of a purpose anywhere in the township. Warehouses of that size are merely reliant on speculation and not much else. Developers of those warehouses see land, not communities and rarely take into account the railroad of destruction that lies in their wake.   All I can say now is good bye and good riddance. Our energy now, we send speedily to Dickinson Township as they to have an uphill battle ahead of them involving the encroachment of buildings of enormous size that has been speculated to cover 4 townships with one building.

Secondly, we did lose a landmark. A building that had dilapidated since the liquor licencse was sold. After a commercial property is sold it is quickly vandalized and stripped of it’s metal and anything of interest to a passerby, even if it was a window or a kitchen faucet. It was a place that had everything from hitching posts to wagons. It had food that was served behind saloon doors and and was entered from an 18th century wagon.

Most of you in a 20 mile radius had heard of the tavern. It originally was a rough place with stories of all sorts. It first came under the name “The Grey Horse Tavern”, a smoky place with a mixed crowd, The food was decent, the servers were on par and the drinks were strong. It was constructed solely of cedar logs sometime in the 20’s (est) .

Then again changing hands, someone thought to put mirrors on the ceilings and make the food less then desirable. More like a greasy burger and fries that were served in a portion that screamed styrofoam.  Below the bar though was the true thing that had enticed patrons. Strippers. Yes the one and perhaps the only on the west shore, unless you count private shows along “The Miracle Mile” in Carlisle.

If you turned 20 or maybe 21 ( the drinking laws were a little lax) you went to the Cedar Lodge. At the corner of RT114, Steagertwalt Hollow Road and 382 at one of the craziest intersections in Cumberland county, I think I would rather play ring around the rosie in Newport or Gettysburg then approach that intersection on some occasions.

Although it is barely a historic building, it is more a land mark. Some will call it The Grey Horse some The Cedar Lodge and some by it’s final name, Jackson’s Junction.  Whichever you prefer, it’s days are done. Save your dollar bills for the east shore.         ƒƒƒ#3#1#2

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Cumberland County PA DEP Meeting, A mixture of minds.

Last evening I attended and testified on behalf of my fellow farmers and citizens opposed to hydro-fracking.

While the hearing was filled with representatives from the gas and shale industry, there were also a handful of citizens and representatives that spoke on behalf of the average citizen. Clean Water Action amongst others gave testimony that brought to the attention some of the hidden dangers and in some areas and troubling events that were of concern.

The current events that have unfolded in West Virginia have had little if any impact on the stance of the Oil and Gas Industry in rural PA. Open Pit fracking waste-water storage (  http://frack.mixplex.com/content/wildlife-mortality-risk-oil-field-waste-pits-us-fish-and-wildlife-service   ) and mine leakage frack.skytruth.org/abandoned-orphan-wells does not seem to phase the Fracking Industry.

My major concern though was the fact that my family’s county alone was using 22,000,000 (mgd) millions of water per day under corporate licensing. This was not even counting the fact that 1 (one) Frack well used approximately 5,ooo,ooo million gallons mgd of water. Simply put, we are on a downhill slide. Water will be the most important resource in a short number of years.  http://water.usgs.gov/ogw/networks.html  I brought to the attention the exact usage per township currently. If we are already seeing the effects of surface water pollution and sub-surface dangers, we need to seriously be looking at alternative forms of fuel.

It is common knowledge amongst economists that the petro-dollar is on its way out and the propped up economy of the USA is purely based in the financial and service sector, hence eliminating the middle class ( unless you own a food chain or an oil or natural gas platform). The market is purely supportive and soon , when off shore ports are complete the price of “cheap gas” will explode.

So the time is now to start to think about consumption. Solar is still beyond the financial reach of most homeowners and wind power has not been perfected to the point of stability. That leaves us with on option. To Lobby the current grid to buy from very large wind and solar energy corporations that can carry their power over the existing grid and to INSIST on smart building             http://www.building-your-green-home.com/green-building.html          frackingblm and construction practices.   That’s all for tonight, thanks for letting me share.   ƒƒƒ                      www.http://noharmtothefarm.com      OCCUPY THE FARM

The Tradgedy of Corporate Owned-Pennsylvania

           Almost EVERY “Conservancy” “Land trust”or other word that Millionares/billionaires can come up with is supported by companies that support the fracking industry in PA. SO before you waste your money giving to any Pennsylvania Land Trust, you might want to know a little about them and the mask they hide behind. I’ll take ONE county for example because not only is it the county I reside in but it is home to some of the biggest “For Profit Pro Fracking Companies in south-central PA”  All hiding behind the name….” Farm and  Natural Lands Of York County”. http://www.farmtrust.org   Top six donors in this trust are tied to either the Fracking Industry, The Military Industrial Complex,  or the Coal Mining Industry and they are all traded daily on the NASDAQ.           ƒƒƒ

           This is why it is going to take a REVOLUTION to change the country.