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What you can’t pronounce won’t hurt you. MONSANTO and the destruction of family farms

—-Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.—DDT, for the rest of us without three tongues.

Signifigance—Manufacture/Producer——--MONSANTO—-Positions held—Micheal Taylor–Senior Advisor to Current USA Food Safety Czar, Islam Siddiqui-–now a negotiator for the U.S. Trade Representative on agriculture,on agriculture. And Roger Beachy, the director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, is former director of a plant science center funded by Monsanto. —I wrote this because not only is it is time to demand affordable organic produce but also to support small family farms. Indirectly you will inturn be supporting the earth around you and perhaps become more in “tune” to the fact that it is in serious need of stewards. Understanding that the water a small farm gets comes from a water well on the property. (I found it difficult to find actual percentages but I could safely say it is most). It is in great danger from fracking an area even in it’s remote proximity —–


Good evening readers, a few posts back I asked you to be patient with the EPA site. I take that back. It has no patience for you so why should you??? I can simply say that we as Pennsylvanians have noone to blame but ourselves for not stopping the mess that has bestaken us. I listed for you a page. When you go to that page, as is many Government pages , it is “File Not Found”, Discouraging to say the least. But if you navigate through the barbaric stumbles and stops they try to put upon you, you will eventually come to a page, from what I can see it will allow you to scavange through the horrific chemicals your own state has bestowed upon you. PA alone over 2,000,000 incidents of on site disposal or “other” I Cannot explain to you what makes me cringe as much as the word “other” when it comes to Industrial,Cooperate “otherness” please search the link I provide for you and make your own decision.—Peace



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