The Healing

    Let us start  #local, healing our own Spirits, Families and Communities so we can quickly move with quality to the Earth. Let us be patient as the Earth mends itself,  and we return to a living wage for all of Mankind and health for all Creatures. Let us be wise as we tolerate the wounded Souls that have had  hate and injustice bestilled  in them from before and after conception . Let us cooperate with the Wild and the Wild Souls that have been created thru corporate and private greed.
    It was not in the grand plan to not have every man/woman/creature to be wise. It was not in the Plan to not be Tolerant. War was not in the Plan. Every creature on  Earth was to have Health and Wellness and Joy. Let us be Bold and Peaceful and Loving. Let us Dance and be loved. Let us be guided by Spirit not Religion. Let us lose Ego gracefully. Let us be Sustainable and not controlled by any beings. Let us be warriors of wisdom and have the agility of a cat. Let us have our medicines be the creation of the Earth and our teachers be from our community. Let our food come from our local farms and our energy be from the Stars. Let us have no reason to kill or trespass. Let our Air be clean and our bodies be cleansed of the impurities we have directly and indirectly created. Let our Farms be safe and our Children be Cradled in Love and Compassion. Let us forgive and forget in God’s will. Let the fish be clean and the animals be safe from harm. Let us Dance, Sing, Laugh and Pray to God the Earth will be a Safe, Generous and Kind place. Let us have Peace. Let a day be filled with Freedom. Let a day be with our own Mind’s and Bodies and then with Community. Let there be Nature and Harmony after the healing. Simplify. One Day  At A Time. Let there be Growth in all the Earth from it’s Core to the outer stretches of the Universe. There are roads to be ridden and paths to be walked. There is light and darkness to be enjoyed. There are Oceans to be navigated, Beaches to bathed in and  Countries to be Explored after we Heal the Past. Let every day start with Beauty and Justice. — H. A. Strock 2015. Earth.

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There will be change. New leaders will emerge. The old ways will be evaluated and revised as to Truth and Cleanliness. Make sure you follow Truths and support Love in this time of trouble/beauty.
Be Aware. Be Wise. Have Patience. Have Tolerance. IMG_0022 Educate. Find your true leaders and carry them to safety. The world is going to go through rapid change. Embrace it.
Love unconditionally. Remember tragedy is only in your perception.
Awaken. The now is your only friend, the future is a dream and the past is ghost.
Dance, Create, Grow, Feel, Time is fleeting. Peace. —H.A. Strock


I couldn’t resist.     PEACE FROM THE FARM

On the ball…or not.

I had full intentions of tearing into a new topic today and I was almost there and then I….fell asleep. I’ve been working hard(with the help of some others) on the new/refurbished chicken house all day so I could make the livestock auction tonight. I had a nice evening with Dad and picked up some chickens at a great price and had a bang up dinner that was 100% central PA. Even though I try to eat Organic, vegetarian, the meat I do eat,well,I like to know where it came from. So, the big summary for today—-50% chance of showers, 50% they would have offered the breed I wanted but 100% chance that I am still in the game for another day. —-ƒƒƒ—