My trip to the edge of Ground Zero Fracking Hell

IMG_0009IMG_0012IMG_0013IMG_0017IMG_0034IMG_0039IMG_0029IMG_0031 Although I currently live in central PA, I wanted to see just how bad it got the farther north I went. Besides a noticeable lack of life in the stream behind my cabin, The culture starts to take a very different turn north of Lock Haven, PA.
Suddenly you are caught in a place that has a gross dualism in the culture. In that, I mean that there is something terribly wrong with “Big Money”. Either in the form of pick-up trucks that cost twice as much as the average house in the town of Renovo, PA or just the general lack of community that has been created by fueding neighbors. The natural gas industry has turned quiet winding roads into industrial thourofares. It has brought people in the state from 1000’s of miles away to work on Well-pads that have authorization from the state to use enough water to empty a small pond every day for the next 5 years.
There is a flurry of construction on roads and bridges.This construction is not because it was in need of being done, It is because it has to be done because Tractor and Trailer Trucks and Tri-Axles are using roads that were never built to get pounded daily with traffic that normally would never be in the area. State-game lands and State Forest roads are no longer open to tourism, they are industrial areas. I encourage everyone to get up to Clinton,Bradford,Tioga counties immediately and see the destruction/construction that is taking place. Get up there before Deer-Season and check your well, I doubt if it will be fit to drink.
Last year I wrote an article discussing how faith, terrain and class was segregating PA so this area, where you could get lost in 10 minutes, is no doubt ideal for the fracking industry. Your neighbor could have sold his/her mineral rights 5 minutes away from you and you would never know it. What you will notice though is a pot-hole 12 inches deep and the enormous amount of traffic.
Next time I head north I’ll expect to not be able to 4-wheel or snowmobile on my favorite trails or hunt successfully or fish with any luck.
Pennsylvania is not what it used to be. FFFIMG_0009

The Latest Shaleviewer        17,300 permit actions in Pennsylvania

The Revolving Door Of Fracking in PA

Pennsylvania Environmental Council-Natural Gas Ties

Anthony Bartolomeo, the PEC board chair, is President & CEO of Pennoni Associates, an environmental engineering firm and member of the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC)
Carol McCabe, vice chair, is a partner at Manko Gold Katcher & Fox, an environmental law and lobbying firm with a Marcellus Shale practice and strong ties to Pennsylvania environmental regulatory bodies. Manko Gold is a MSC member
Gary Brown, treasurer, is President of RT Environmental Services, a MSC member environmental engineering and consulting firm.
Seth Cooley is an attorney at Duane Morris LLP, a law firm with a Marcellus Shale practice that has lobbied forAqua America, Synagro Technologies, Global Geophysical Services, MicroSeismic Inc., Burleson LLP, Elliot Company, and Pennoni Associates.
Tomlinson Fort is a senior program manager at Apex Companies, LLC. Apex is an environmental consultant servicing the energy industry providing “planning and permitting, assessment and remediation, regulatory negotiation, health and safety, transactional, rapid response, and outsourced staffing support to oil, gas, and power generation clients.”
David A. Gallogly is president of Letterle Associates, an environmental consulting firm. He previously worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources (the predecessor to the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) and as manager of environmental affairs for the United Refining Company.
Kevin Garber is an attorney and shareholder at Babst Calland, a law firm and member of the MSC.
Brian Grove is a senior director for corporate development at Chesapeake Energy, a MSC board member. He is also the former chief of staff for Pennsylvania State Senator Lisa Baker (R.-20th District).
Philip Hinerman is the co-chair of the environmental law group at Fox Rothschild, LLP, a law firm that is a member of the MSC.
John T. Hines, who spent 18 years at the Department of Environmental Protection, is now the government relations advisor to Shell Oil, a MSC board member.
Michelle McGregor-Smith was previously the practice leader in environmental health and safety for URS Canada-Vancouver, an engineering and services company “serving every major active North American oil and gas basin.” URS is a MSC member. McGregor-Smith now works for Elliott Company, which “supplies and services turbomachinery for the full spectrum of oil and gas, refining, LNG, petrochemical and other process and power applications.”
Robert B. McKinstry, Jr. is a partner at Ballard Spahr LLP working on environmental issues and energy project finance. Ballard Spahr has an oil and gas practice.
Thomas E. Rodriguez is a principal geologist at ARCADIS U.S., which “provides consultancy, design, engineering and management services” to the oil and gas industry.
Steven W. Saunders is principal in Saunders Law LLC, an oil and gas-specific law firm.
E. Mitchell Swan is an engineer at MDC Systems, a consulting firm that has been active in the Marcellus Shale, especially around water treatment.
Amy Trojecki previously worked as a lawyer at Ballard Spahr and is now a regulatory strategy manager at Exelon Corporation.

Further, three directors emeriti listed on PEC’s website are from MSC companies:

Nicholas DeBenedictis is the chairman, president, and CEO of Aqua America, a water utility and MSC member. He is also on the board of directors of Exelon Corporation.
Joseph M. Manko is a named partner in the law firm Manko Gold Katcher & Fox, a MSC member. He also serves on rules committee of the state’s Environmental Hearing Board, the body that adjudicates appeals from Department of Environmental Protection actions. Another partner in the firm, Marc E. Gold, is an attorney for the MSC itself.
Franklin Kury is listed as representing the law firm Reed Smith Shaw & McClay, a MSC member, thoughhis profile at the government affairs firm Malady & Wooten LLP says Kury left Reed Smith in 2003. Kury is a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and is registered as a lobbyistrepresenting Northeastern Resources Development Corp and ExxonMobil.




Today, as much of the state struggled to get above 20 degrees, These Fracking Companies just started hitting the 2-3 thousand feet mark. Headed deeper, wasting, polluting, into an “Arctic Blast”, I would assume it has NO effect on the true BLAST that is taking place in Pennsylvania. For those capable of DR here are the sites that have just started yesterday and today     ƒƒƒ       OWS     OCCUPY     OCCUPY THE FARM
2014-01-20 CATALYST ENERGY INC Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in Cranberry Twp Township
2014-01-22 MDS ENERGY DEV LLC Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in South Buffalo Twp Township
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2014-01-16 PA Gas Drilling Permit Issued in Clinton Twp Township
2014-01-22 EQT PRODUCTION CO Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in Washington Twp Township
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2014-01-22 MDS ENERGY DEV LLC Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in South Buffalo Twp Township
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2014-01-21 PENNENERGY RESOURCES LLC Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in Winfield Twp Township