My trip to the edge of Ground Zero Fracking Hell

IMG_0009IMG_0012IMG_0013IMG_0017IMG_0034IMG_0039IMG_0029IMG_0031 Although I currently live in central PA, I wanted to see just how bad it got the farther north I went. Besides a noticeable lack of life in the stream behind my cabin, The culture starts to take a very different turn north of Lock Haven, PA.
Suddenly you are caught in a place that has a gross dualism in the culture. In that, I mean that there is something terribly wrong with “Big Money”. Either in the form of pick-up trucks that cost twice as much as the average house in the town of Renovo, PA or just the general lack of community that has been created by fueding neighbors. The natural gas industry has turned quiet winding roads into industrial thourofares. It has brought people in the state from 1000’s of miles away to work on Well-pads that have authorization from the state to use enough water to empty a small pond every day for the next 5 years.
There is a flurry of construction on roads and bridges.This construction is not because it was in need of being done, It is because it has to be done because Tractor and Trailer Trucks and Tri-Axles are using roads that were never built to get pounded daily with traffic that normally would never be in the area. State-game lands and State Forest roads are no longer open to tourism, they are industrial areas. I encourage everyone to get up to Clinton,Bradford,Tioga counties immediately and see the destruction/construction that is taking place. Get up there before Deer-Season and check your well, I doubt if it will be fit to drink.
Last year I wrote an article discussing how faith, terrain and class was segregating PA so this area, where you could get lost in 10 minutes, is no doubt ideal for the fracking industry. Your neighbor could have sold his/her mineral rights 5 minutes away from you and you would never know it. What you will notice though is a pot-hole 12 inches deep and the enormous amount of traffic.
Next time I head north I’ll expect to not be able to 4-wheel or snowmobile on my favorite trails or hunt successfully or fish with any luck.
Pennsylvania is not what it used to be. FFFIMG_0009

A Little book I stumbled across….

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Biblical Literalism, Age and Terrain…

Fracking in my opinion survives in Pennsylvania due to these 3 factors. The Industry has taken advantage of the age of the average Pennsylvanian near Fracking areas and their inability to comprehend the science of  Fracking or unwillingness to go against the grain and speak up. The adage divide and conquer is very easy to apply in PA due to forests, mountains, rivers and lack of access to truthful networking (hence the enormous amounts of money spent by Comcast) to suppress any news that may cause a disruption in the gears of greed that are oiled like a Harley’s  parking spot.     ƒƒƒ—-

My New Letter To The Senate (PA-R-Toomey)

Mr. Toomey, Kindly remove the pictures on your website because they do not represent  Pennsylvania. The State Forests have been leased to Fracking Companies the Farms are becoming  few and far between and our cities’ lights are powered by your dirty energy. PS: As long as this country and the rest of the world is a dangerous place we will never give up even one shell let alone a gun. Peace.