FBI Files Show Snipers Targeted Occupy Houston

Occupy Wall Street exploded across America. A plot was hatched to kill Occupy Houston leaders with suppressed sniper fire. The FBI knew. Paul Kennedy, an attorney who represented several members of Occupy Houston, and one of the activists from the group, Carl Gibson, will discuss this story on an Upstate South Carolina talk radio show Monday, July 29th, at 5 PM East Coast Time. The show is Occupy The Microphone on WOLI.

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Maintenance and the LOST ART of UN-Consumerism






the act of maintaining.
2.the state of being maintained: the maintenance of friendly relations with England.

3.Care or upkeep, as of machinery or property: With proper maintenance  will last for many years.
             This is the true enemy, as I’ve said before. To send a government into a tail spin, The state, the corporate machine is dependent on your appetite for convenience and carelessness. And we as a country have been decreasing our insistence on quality since the mid -twentieth century.
               When plastic came into play, in 1868, the year it was first discovered/created it was useful, but then to jump ahead a few years, this is the decline that I’m speaking of.
  • 1951 – High-density polyethylene or HDPE tradenamed Marlex – Paul Hogan and Robert Banks
  • 1951 – Polypropylene or PP – Paul Hogan and Robert Banks
  • 1953 – Saran Wrap introduced by Dow Chemicals.
  • 1954 – Styrofoam a type of foamed polystyrene foam was invented by Ray McIntire for Dow Chemicals
  • 1964 – Polyimide
  • 1970 – Thermoplastic Polyester this includes trademarked Dacron, Mylar, Melinex, Teijin, and Tetoron
  • 1978 – Linear Low Density Polyethylene
  • 1985 – Liquid Crystal Polymer
  •       I am unfortunately a child of this “decline” as I would start to discard things. My father was a mechanic so he was probably tired of broken metal at the end of the day(no time to tinker with the Tonka). His father though, a farmer, did not have the mentality to “trash it”.
  •     When something was broken, it was “repaired”. It was “fixed”. I hypothecated these words because they are becoming foreign in our society.   These words no longer mean taking the old and making it usable, it means replacing the worthless with new. This scenario  plays out over and over in our society in every aspect. From Relationships to TVs (don’t watch ’em anymore personally) . If it isn’t working right, we get rid of it . I’ll leave out Relationships for various reasons, but lets center on TVs for a few, How many of you are watching TV on a HDTV??? This is communism in its purist form from your lovely lady liberty. We, at least most, were coerced into forced capitalism. 
  •       Forced Capitalism is not capitalism at all, it is Corporate Capitalism, and that my friend is a dangerous road. The undisputed  fact that your TV will now only last 3-5 years is the system controlling you. The fact that bolts on your car are inaccessible, or of a ridiculous type (VW’s new 24mm 12 point reverse socket) is no coincidence.
  •       The new machinists and welders are not educated to repair but to instead fabricate. Are you seeing the connection yet??? The reason why the railroad does not become a light rail is because to do that it would have to be highly durable over the same route. NO MONEY for Mr. 1% when things don’t break, or simply need maintenance.
  •       1.Purchase the highest quality, find it used if you must. 2. Re-learn your ability to care for things. 3. Seek out those that have the knowledge to repair the sick products that infiltrated our already morally sick society.      
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    Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

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Central PA and the lack of enthusiasm.

I will be with the Monsanto Group Protest in solidarity but I’ve discovered that, for those of you who want to attend a group meeting of the minds on the subject the place to go is NOT Lancaster. After contacting their  police department we’ve found that they do not have even 1(one) extra officer assigned to Penn Square. Harrisburg’s Occupy group has around 500 people registered to meet at the Capitol on Saturday. My guess would be that it will not even be reported. Actions on your own speak volumes in an area that is already bewildered governmentally with The Amish and other religious groups that have been saving seeds for hundreds of years. If you want to take part at the protest at the Capitol, it is “scheduled” for 11-2. I can’t attend due to legal reasons but I would encourage everyone to keep using Heirloom Seeds, Heritage Breeds of Livestock and not using Round up or Miracle gro. That will put a larger dent in Monsanto’s armor then standing with 50 -100 people on a sidewalk when it is a holiday and most stores are closed let alone the fact the entire PA Legislature is in recess AND there is a Festival on Front Street.    Go have a good time Saturday, whatever you do. Stay out of trouble . Peace—-ƒƒƒ—


Occupy and Pa /NYPD———-From The Farm

Unbeknownst to Occupy Wall Street, It  had an Occupy branch in PA almost immediately after setting shop at Zuchotti Park, It was small but effective. Only one person was arrested that suffered from Police brutality in  Harrisburg, PA, I have preached about protesting in groups with someone filming but it seems that filming Police violating your rights is not good enough for the courts. Our 2 tiered Justice System for some, Is in the business of breaking people financially.  If they can’t do that you will simply go to prison. The only thing that keeps me out of prison is my establishment in a “good” community and the fact I could afford a good Lawyer, “buy my way free so to speak”  but after 2 years my funds are depleted as I type. Thousands of dollars in legal fees, and the Constant chipping away at you financially by th D.A.. After I paid all my fines, did my community service and was accepted in to a program for advanced “recovery” for Felons here in PA I am broke. Wiped out. With No Savings and the bills keep coming all because I approached a Fracking Lobbyist on the Capitol Steps of PA. The Police said I was “combative”  Resulting in 2 Felony charges (stacked) & 2 misdemeanors(stacked) Although if you have been following this Blog for sometime you know I am Epileptic, apparently the Police think they are Doctors, Unfamiliar with seizures, Partial and Gran Mal,  I ended up spending the night in the Hospital after my confrontation. The event took place on the steps in front of the Capitol Steps. Although they erased the taped event to cover up the evidence of their misconduct. Please check this docket # for Dauphin County of PA about the Event,(Commonwealth Vs. Heath Strock—NO(s)  CP-22-CR-0399-2012) It is a travesty that now with facial recognition skills from hundreds of feet away they have such poor security cameras for a Federal Building, on a 24-36 hour auto-erase loop. I believe this is a lie personally. There was NO evidence recorded from the event  although many Officers and EMT’s could come forth with what they witnessed that day. Especially the ones that chained me to the wall underneath the Harrisburg Police HeadQuarters. Oh, and if it is not new news, to you, the HPD thinks the Capitol Police of PA are asses.—— OCCUPY EVERYTHING ____OCCUPY THE FARM____OCCUPY HARRISBURG___OCCUPY WALL ST-——-ƒƒƒ—-www.noharmtothefarm.com