Follow the Dow? Sorry for your luck. Don’t worry though if you are invested in GAZ

(iPath DJ-UBS Natural Gas TR Sub-Idx ETN (GAZ)

iPath DJ-UBS Natural Gas TR Sub-Idx ETN (GAZ)   Some people are freezing while others are planning the summer golf game. I don’t know about the average saver’s bank account but something tells me they were not making 10.25% on their accounts today.

What this graph shows you is that this speculatory fuel is headed into a bubble. It will burst. In the mean time your  “cheap fuel” just went up by approximately 25%. And the story goes, you didn’t get that royalty check you were hoping for didja?(a word we in the family recognize viable to your cituation).

Stocks are always a gamble, some will tell you that some are safer then others. Commodities, in my opinion should be regulated. Call it Socialism, send me to hell for a day or two for thinking that REAL things should not be table game of the corporate elite, the 1% as we have grown to call them. If you are reading this , and you are not having servant tidy up the dishes and another  shining the salt and Brine off tomorrow’s rims for your country side drive, you are one of us,  the 99%. remember that term 99%??? How quickly we forget. I surely don’t. It cost me pretty price and now with my ECO backround, I need someone to take the reigns, to take the wrench. (figuratively of course).

 I am not a fool, I know that gas is here to stay. Corbett made sure of that. That does not mean that we have to have the furnace set at 72 degrees, and buy junk plastic (petroleum based) products. It is our job to become frugal. To learn life skills again. To dance in the parade and not pay $6 for a bag of GMO popcorn. It’s time to rewrite the books.               ƒƒƒ                  OCCUPY THE FARM    OWS    OCCUPY  WALL STREET    ANON     EF

As I’ve said before, until the Real Revolution kicks in……

We are simply spinning our wheels.

Another House Republican, Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), recently introduced a bill of his own aiming to reform another cash-crazy part of congressional politics: so-called leadership PACs. Leadership PACs are different from your typical campaign committee. Instead of raising money for a politician’s own reelection bid, leadership PACs, which sprung up in the 1990s, allow members to raise money for distributing to their colleagues’ reelection campaigns. By spreading money around to your pals, a lawmaker can earn some goodwill and climb the ranks within his or her own party. Thanks to a loophole in the law, however, lawmakers often use their leadership PACs to pay for golf outings, tickets to NFL games, and other swanky junkets that politicians can’t pay for with their traditional campaign war chest.

      This type of craziness is the thing that keeps the ball rolling in DC. One Rep at a time without the conjunctive support of his party let alone the  paid off players we call statesman will stop ANYTHING from truly moving on K-Street.         ƒƒƒ              OWS     OCCUPY     OCCUPY WALL STREET         OCCUPY THE FARM    OCCUPY EVERYTHING

The Fear of Corporations, Government and The Common Man

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Strange that you still be reading on. I said that Sunday would be my day of rest. I am finding it hard to lay down though on this windy evening.

I just finished an article by Chris Hedges. For those of you unfamiliar, he is in the company of Jullian Assange and Bradley Manning. He currently is in federal court against the U.S. Government. (do I hear a knock????)

Currently these 3(three) people are standing with their necks exposed to the sick excuse that our country’s justice system has devolved into. When I read the article by Hedges it made me feel angry. Again.

I pictured what I hold dear to my heart, music. I pictured the inside of a concrete box that so many  poor, disabled, and socially excused from the “game” would see it look like. What it would sound like. I looked up and saw grey. I looked down and saw grey, with a hole in the corner to piss in. I saw a bed with sheets so white and pressed that it hurt my eyes. I looked at the slot that you get your breakfast served to you through, or was it dinner? I forget. After I cleared my sense of smell and touch, I heard no music.

I didn’t hear any drums as corporations hauled them off to the galley for the long ride. I didn’t hear any banjo pickin’ as the campfires were lit to fight the corporations war. I didn’t hear any thump as the bass guitar touted the protest of the corporations murderous actions across the globe.

As I write this, the AP has just unjustly been violated by the oligarchy, the 1/ 1,,000,000 of 1% that are the controllers. For now.

My keys are still working so the time is coming. You thieves and dictators, You makers of the machines that kill, Your mission here is soon done.

Leaders and liars to the masses, the bloated babies are being delivered. The children,half schooled, are restless. The adolescents are past questioning and the young and old man are wanting leaders  to usher them into a new climate and evolve past your greed.

I call your hand,  May morals find you. If they don’t, We Will.  ——–ƒƒƒ   

Occupy and Pa /NYPD———-From The Farm

Unbeknownst to Occupy Wall Street, It  had an Occupy branch in PA almost immediately after setting shop at Zuchotti Park, It was small but effective. Only one person was arrested that suffered from Police brutality in  Harrisburg, PA, I have preached about protesting in groups with someone filming but it seems that filming Police violating your rights is not good enough for the courts. Our 2 tiered Justice System for some, Is in the business of breaking people financially.  If they can’t do that you will simply go to prison. The only thing that keeps me out of prison is my establishment in a “good” community and the fact I could afford a good Lawyer, “buy my way free so to speak”  but after 2 years my funds are depleted as I type. Thousands of dollars in legal fees, and the Constant chipping away at you financially by th D.A.. After I paid all my fines, did my community service and was accepted in to a program for advanced “recovery” for Felons here in PA I am broke. Wiped out. With No Savings and the bills keep coming all because I approached a Fracking Lobbyist on the Capitol Steps of PA. The Police said I was “combative”  Resulting in 2 Felony charges (stacked) & 2 misdemeanors(stacked) Although if you have been following this Blog for sometime you know I am Epileptic, apparently the Police think they are Doctors, Unfamiliar with seizures, Partial and Gran Mal,  I ended up spending the night in the Hospital after my confrontation. The event took place on the steps in front of the Capitol Steps. Although they erased the taped event to cover up the evidence of their misconduct. Please check this docket # for Dauphin County of PA about the Event,(Commonwealth Vs. Heath Strock—NO(s)  CP-22-CR-0399-2012) It is a travesty that now with facial recognition skills from hundreds of feet away they have such poor security cameras for a Federal Building, on a 24-36 hour auto-erase loop. I believe this is a lie personally. There was NO evidence recorded from the event  although many Officers and EMT’s could come forth with what they witnessed that day. Especially the ones that chained me to the wall underneath the Harrisburg Police HeadQuarters. Oh, and if it is not new news, to you, the HPD thinks the Capitol Police of PA are asses.—— OCCUPY EVERYTHING ____OCCUPY THE FARM____OCCUPY HARRISBURG___OCCUPY WALL ST-——-ƒƒƒ—