Central PA and the lack of enthusiasm.

I will be with the Monsanto Group Protest in solidarity but I’ve discovered that, for those of you who want to attend a group meeting of the minds on the subject the place to go is NOT Lancaster. After contacting their  police department we’ve found that they do not have even 1(one) extra officer assigned to Penn Square. Harrisburg’s Occupy group has around 500 people registered to meet at the Capitol on Saturday. My guess would be that it will not even be reported. Actions on your own speak volumes in an area that is already bewildered governmentally with The Amish and other religious groups that have been saving seeds for hundreds of years. If you want to take part at the protest at the Capitol, it is “scheduled” for 11-2. I can’t attend due to legal reasons but I would encourage everyone to keep using Heirloom Seeds, Heritage Breeds of Livestock and not using Round up or Miracle gro. That will put a larger dent in Monsanto’s armor then standing with 50 -100 people on a sidewalk when it is a holiday and most stores are closed let alone the fact the entire PA Legislature is in recess AND there is a Festival on Front Street.    Go have a good time Saturday, whatever you do. Stay out of trouble . Peace—-ƒƒƒ—


WE will all soon live in a coop if we keep belittling the World.

coupWe will soon be locked in similar to the Martial Law they  have declared in Boston if don’t soon learn to be patrons of the earth and Countries no matter where they are. Your Waltons, Rockefeller’s and you trillionaires, your day is soon coming and it aint looking good. A working wage should be a LIVING wage. The minimal wage is perpetual poverty. The USA is cliging to stay united, Put away your Fertilizer and bring out the hoe. Send Monsanto, Boeing, Range Resources, Chesapeake, Drone Warfare and Surveillance and the Fiat currency to hell. The Whole country will thank me/you in a few years.  ƒƒƒ—–http://noharmtothefarm

What you can’t pronounce won’t hurt you. MONSANTO and the destruction of family farms

—-Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.—DDT, for the rest of us without three tongues.

Signifigance—Manufacture/Producer——--MONSANTO—-Positions held—Micheal Taylor–Senior Advisor to Current USA Food Safety Czar, Islam Siddiqui-–now a negotiator for the U.S. Trade Representative on agriculture,on agriculture. And Roger Beachy, the director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, is former director of a plant science center funded by Monsanto. —I wrote this because not only is it is time to demand affordable organic produce but also to support small family farms. Indirectly you will inturn be supporting the earth around you and perhaps become more in “tune” to the fact that it is in serious need of stewards. Understanding that the water a small farm gets comes from a water well on the property. (I found it difficult to find actual percentages but I could safely say it is most). It is in great danger from fracking an area even in it’s remote proximity —–http://www.noharmtothefarm.com