The Key to Happiness…Flow

Just finding out certain events in the world, I feel as though my mind has been torn. I spent the day with family at a birthday for (Dominick) a clever young boy that is in the company of my brother and was born on Hallow’s Eve a rather dark holiday that brings out an odd bunch to the table all over the world.
I find comfort in the climate of family even though it was the warmest November 1rst on record.
I am praying for the families of a flight that is said to have come to pieces accidentally but just hours after an end to this hellish conflict was in view and the oil companies and drillers were looking like humanity was finally being deconstructed by the majority and #divested by the global masses… attachment and lack of lubrication is the key and cause of suffering in a Buddhist State of mind. That is so true and my feelings are in every crevice and crack in our world as it sits today. Everything must be fluid no matter if it is a hinge or a relationship, if it is stagnate or covered it can function improperly.
Attention to detail is imparative.
To simplify and to NOT profile any area or event would surely apply the brakes in a beautiful way all throughout our tragic yet compassionate time we are currently occupying.
To put an end to things is vastly different than stopping something abruptly and without love.
The world currently is in a delicate mode that is crying for balance, another one of those words that are misconstrued by the lives of those without a brain, or fail to use their own.
This post is for the world. This post is especially for those I love everywhere. Family (Abbigale, Sunny and Zeb) For Everyone that I love as a friend and for immediate family.
It seems as though nothing makes even a fraction of sense presently as the chatter of a global clutter is gripping any citizen that is not in the present moment.
I had a strange feeling that the landscape of the mountains were holding secrets, they were enough literately leaving you speechless on this fall day. Let’s take the moment to sit within truth, in the brilliance autumn. H.A. Strock (FFF)