Go beat your war-drum somehere else

Sometimes when I sit down to inform, I think of how other countries must view us. Taking the headline from “The Guardian” today, it’s hard to not feel alone in the international community. –——————–-OCCUPY EVERYTHING————–-ƒƒƒ—————–http://noharmtothefarm.com

“US attack on Syria delayed after surprise U-turn from Obama”


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Simplification, Liquidation, Cancellation…The Beginning of the new you.

      I get by (for another day)  and admittedly feel a certain comfort in doing it. If you would see the “things” I’ve surrounded myself with you would probably not think that they are the possessions of a poor man. Perhaps if you look a little closer you’ll see that I’ve tried to remove the silver-plated, plastic materials from my home. Where it is possible, I replace anything that I plan to keep or use daily with things that are of the highest quality, that means that #1 you can’t have many things and #2 glass and wood has pushed the plastics out.

       Some devices though, I consider a luxury and I am grateful for the convenience they have provided me with. I find it very important though to not put any of my emotional energy into these things. If the I-Mac-Pad-Pod shuts down I refuse to have any neurological coinage stolen. Neurological coinage? Where did that come from? Didn’t see that one in the new Urban Dictionary you say? You won’t find that phrase anywhere but here. It’s my belief that the banks of  knowledge lovingly refered to as our minds,the grey matter, figuratively, need to go through an evaluation now more frequently then ever before.

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

     Ask yourself where you have your energy and love invested, Is it your land, your family  or perhaps you’ve gotten pulled into the dangerous area where profits of every order have warned. Possessions.  

      So, If  the love of “things” were recognized as being dangerous to our soul-health, the world as it is today is an extremely dangerous place. A kind of  Stage-Coach robbery of the coinage I spoke about earlier, realizing that something is inherently wrong but all the while just rolling forward, unable or perhaps unwilling to apply the brakes.

      If your ship is sinking, how much do you have to remove to stay afloat? If it is going down, would you want the best life boat available? If you are overwhelmed right now, be it inside or out, construct or deconstruct an area and make it your ship that any Pirate would be proud to say he had taken.

Peace from the farm.      ƒƒƒ——-


Time to Prune, Dealing with the 1rst year after BlackRot

After having to cut my Concord grape vine back to the primary stem, This is what it should look like. Unfortunately last year a disease called “Blackrot” took out most of my grapes. In this photo it should show that last years growth should be pruned back to 3-5 buds from the primary. Hopefully this year will yield fruit. The original vine is over 50 years old but still seems to have some years left in it If I can rescue it.     ƒƒƒ