Today, as much of the state struggled to get above 20 degrees, These Fracking Companies just started hitting the 2-3 thousand feet mark. Headed deeper, wasting, polluting, into an “Arctic Blast”, I would assume it has NO effect on the true BLAST that is taking place in Pennsylvania. For those capable of DR here are the sites that have just started yesterday and today     ƒƒƒ       OWS     OCCUPY     OCCUPY THE FARM
2014-01-20 CATALYST ENERGY INC Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in Cranberry Twp Township
2014-01-22 MDS ENERGY DEV LLC Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in South Buffalo Twp Township
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2014-01-16 PA Gas Drilling Permit Issued in Clinton Twp Township
2014-01-22 EQT PRODUCTION CO Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in Washington Twp Township
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2014-01-22 MDS ENERGY DEV LLC Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in South Buffalo Twp Township
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2014-01-21 PENNENERGY RESOURCES LLC Reports Drilling Started (SPUD) in Winfield Twp Township

Cooking the Books/ The Biggest of the Big 4 Audit/accounting firms

  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • Ernst & Young
  • KPMG
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  •           These are the biggest liars in finance currently,  In some parts of the world known as rehypothication, These are the players that keep the major corporate scandals running. 
  •           Unfortunately the te audit firms are turning into accounting firms to protect the money of the  1%. Call it what you will but the truth of the matter is these firms are responsible for much of the financial crisis in my opinion. AS the showing of the money in many of the the Largest Corporations such as General Electric, Cisco,Ford Motor Company and Microsoft,  ALL HAVE  MORE MONEY THAN THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, something has gone terribly out of balance.
  •             I  won’t even touch my judgement of how Corporate Banks who are breaking laws with merely a slap on the rist, 2,,000,000 Dollars may seem a lot of money to the majority of of the average Joe, but it is simply the price of doing business to keep the elite few wrapped so deeply into the speculative market they seem to be “untouchable”, 
  •            It is nearing the time when if “citizens United” is upheld. our capitalism will be falling and all we will have left is a democracy that is a hybrid of socialism and anarchy.        ———– ƒƒƒ     ————-OWS ——-OCCUPY THE FARM———OCCUPY EVERYTHING