Spreading the word about Loyalsock State Forest in PA

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources(DCNR) has the ability to deny access to drilling in 18,870 acres of the Clarence Moore lands through a unique legal provision in the deed. DCNR seems unwilling to exercise this provision and has instead been in negotiations with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, one of the area’s mineral rights holders. Current information indicates 26 well pads and accompanying infrastructure are planned for this area. Despite citizen outcry, little public involvement has been included in this process so far.

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Cooking the Books/ The Biggest of the Big 4 Audit/accounting firms

  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • Ernst & Young
  • KPMG
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  •           These are the biggest liars in finance currently,  In some parts of the world known as rehypothication, These are the players that keep the major corporate scandals running. 
  •           Unfortunately the te audit firms are turning into accounting firms to protect the money of the  1%. Call it what you will but the truth of the matter is these firms are responsible for much of the financial crisis in my opinion. AS the showing of the money in many of the the Largest Corporations such as General Electric, Cisco,Ford Motor Company and Microsoft,  ALL HAVE  MORE MONEY THAN THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, something has gone terribly out of balance.
  •             I  won’t even touch my judgement of how Corporate Banks who are breaking laws with merely a slap on the rist, 2,,000,000 Dollars may seem a lot of money to the majority of of the average Joe, but it is simply the price of doing business to keep the elite few wrapped so deeply into the speculative market they seem to be “untouchable”, 
  •            It is nearing the time when if “citizens United” is upheld. our capitalism will be falling and all we will have left is a democracy that is a hybrid of socialism and anarchy.        ———– ƒƒƒ     ————-OWS ——-OCCUPY THE FARM———OCCUPY EVERYTHING    

Then Susquehanna River’s POOR reality. WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW

This made me really disgusted with the Gas Industry. If you think you aren’t being affected by Fracking in Southern Pennsylvania....THINK AGAIN      ƒƒƒ



Some local Blogs, Websites that deserve attention….

        AS much as I like to get up in politics , my true reason for writing is to create awareness here in the Susquehanna Valley and Pennsylvania. These people are also putting forth a great effort to educate and bring into light some of the the things that are flying beneath the radar of your local  (corporate owned) news stations. Thank you, Heath     ƒƒƒ    ————–OCCUPY THE FARM —-OCCUPY—-OWS——OCCUPY EVERYTHING          http://noharmtothefarm.com









I have NO affiliation with major search engines or their propoganda.

           Thanks to everyone but if you see anything that it a variation of      http://noharmtothefarm.com      or     Frack_Free_Farming     I appreciate the publicity but it is not me.     I only use Twitter under the account   Phaedrus12   All of these accounts are verified and ANY account connecting me to google is a lie. Thanks for your time, I just get a little disturbed when I search my name and 4 results down is a page I have nothing to do with.  If anything, as a reminder, always check what corporation or other entity is attaching themselves to your writing and research trying to make a quick buck.      ƒƒƒ ———--OCCUPY THE FARM—--OCCUPY EVERYTHING-——-http://noharmtothefarm.com

   This is an example of a fruaudgelent site:    noharmtothefarm.com Frack_Free_Farming | Hydraulic Fracturing …


Emily Yates and the Philly “police” Youtube Video …”NO LONGER AVAILABLE”

I put the the word police in parantheses because  “police ” is  leaning towards the latter part of the  definition as the gap in society widens and classes start to polarize due to wealth and corruption. What a sorry country we are becoming. Youtube videos censored, protesters beaten without cause. As you read the definition, take special note of the final paragragh.      OCCUPY THE FARM—–OCCUPY EVERYTHING——-ƒƒƒ—–


The police are a constituted body of persons empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect property, and limit civil disorder.[1] Their powers include the legitimized use of force. The term is most commonly associated with police services of a state that are authorized to exercise the police power of that state within a defined legal or territorial area of responsibility. Police forces are often defined as being separate from military or other organizations involved in the defense of the state against foreign aggressors; however, gendarmerie are military units charged with civil policing.

Law enforcement, however, constitutes only part of policing activity.[2] Policing has included an array of activities in different situations, but the predominant ones are concerned with the preservation of order.[3] In some societies, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, these developed within the context of maintaining the class system and the protection of private property.[4] Some parts of the world may suffer from police corruption.

The real list of NON-GIVERS…

http://cironline.org/americasworstcharities  —-OCCUPY THE FARM——OCCUPY EVERYTHING——–    ƒƒƒ———    http://noharmtothefarm.com

Has Gold Lost It’s Luster???

wp blog

                  Will gold be a safe haven for your money amidst all the mistrust within government or an investment tool?

Unfortunately in my opinion it is simply an insurance policy until fiat currencies of the WTO  find an asset backed currency that will emerge as the new local and perhaps world currency. 

                 Just as Ron Paul said in his campaign, all fiat money is doomed. He was not all alone with that presumption. You CANNOT keep a House of a Cards standing while feeding more into it. A new round of 100 dollar bills is set for release this week, I’d love to know where they are going???

                 Many people question the reality of a gold based currency, but that does not mean it has to be gold itself.  It could be any commodity that is not selling “Naked Short” on the stock exchange.  Even though you might have purchased gold months ago, It is almost unavailable for purchase currently. What is simply the manipulation of pricing by large banks to keep any asset backed currency from unseating the US dollar as the primary world currency.

                 Soon the BRIC nations will create or look for  an asset backed currency and the fiat paper currencies world-wide will fall.

                  In my opinion, you should put your savings in a commodity that will have value no matter how  the stocks fluctuate, and leave them alone because it almost a given that Wall Street will try to manipulate your confidence.———————––OCCUPY EVERYTHING———–OCCUPY THE FARM–—–ƒƒƒ——————     http://noharmtothefarm.com

The Jade Family



Farming Practices

Farmer defined page.

Our farming practices can be summarized as follows:

First, do no harm.  As certified organic producers, we avoid applying all forms of synthetic fertilizers and toxic chemical pesticides, fungicides or herbicides to our land or our crops.  Sizeable grass strips, countour farming and winter cover crops prevent soil erosion.

Feed the Soil.  We believe health food starts with healthy soils.  Our use of compost and other natural soil amendments provides for a balanced, fertile soil rich in trace elements.  Our use of cover crops and natural hay mulch create a soil rich in organic matter while fostering a healthy microbial ecosystem. 

Strength through Diversity.  Natural ecosystems are incredibly diverse.  We believe that the closer a farm comes to a natural ecosystem, the healthier it will be, and the food thus produced will be correspondingly more nutritious and delicious.  We therefore plant roughly fifty vegetable varieties, small fruits and berries, tree fruit, a wheat field, two outdoor mushroom beds, earthworm bins, and in addition tend chickens, a few cattle, and some goats.  We are busy establishing hedges and border plantings to provide habitat for native pollinators and my sister in law has threatened to start a honeybee colony which would be totally awesome, Stella, so why delay?  We also have quite an assortment of persistent weeds.


You have to QUESTION anything involving CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS,The largest owner of FM,AM,XM radio and all billboard advertising is sponsering

ClearChannel, the media giant that bought up your local radio and TV stations, is holding a “Marcellus Job Fair”   I would suggest not listening to these channels anymore if you are on the Lycoming College Campus, WKSB WVRT WBYL WRAK. Students we are sending you to school to be educated NOT dumbed down by Cooperate Greed. Apparently my preaching didn’t work. I have to ask myself if these people are that desperate for employment….


Pennsylvania College of Technology student James Geddy stood in a line “a block-and-half long” to get into the Marcellus Shale job fair Saturday at the college field house.

Geddy was in a long line when the fair opened at 9 a.m., “but it moved pretty quick,” he said.

More than two hours later, he had talked to “13 or 15” gas industry companies about employment opportunities. Geddy said he hopes to get a job working with small machinery or as a gas field laborer.

Article Photos

Allis-Chalmers vice president of engineering John Meyers, right, discusses job opportunities with 
Rob Scott of Williamsport Saturday at Pennsylvania College of Technology during the Marcellus Career Expo of North Central PA. About 3,000 job seekers attended the event, organizers said.


“I’m willing to do anything,” Swartz said. “I’ll swing a pick 14 hours a day if they want.”