So you love the USA… A LOT

From here forward I see NO issue with that. My nature has let me pass through you like water. I will never strike another in haste, or for lack of tolerance and patience.
As a citizen though I have to point out some things that really do not sit well with me.
War is lead by corporations.
Education is often abandoned when there is miscommunication.
A Warrior is not a suit that we are fitted for hastily, it comes when one finds something to die for, regardless of a leader. They take no “orders”.
Humankind will be the death of itself if we cannot or choose to not find PEACE, The true warriors in every facet will clash. Regardless of their current physical state.
Water is essential. In the end, it will be about water and clean food.
The people that protect this country at the most elite level, such as Special Forces are truly the most advanced, intelligent and physical able bodied men we as activists must come to the realization that they have had more training, have more equipment and are much more coordinated than we could ever wish for.
We DO though have spirit.
Keep hiding and doing your digging and pushing chemicals into areas where we can’t see you, It will not make a a bit of difference when your water is unusable and your air is unbreathable.6a00e551eea4f588340167648cfd95970b-800wi

This article is for you.

width="200" Knowing we have not spoken in years, it pains me to think of the time we have wasted. It is truly just time though and your spirit rides high above the clouds of this earth. Yesterday is just a memory though and tomorrow is only a dream.I hope you had a wonderful birthday and remember that when you are alone I will be walking with you. Peace and be safe in all you do. Love, Dad

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There will be change. New leaders will emerge. The old ways will be evaluated and revised as to Truth and Cleanliness. Make sure you follow Truths and support Love in this time of trouble/beauty.
Be Aware. Be Wise. Have Patience. Have Tolerance. IMG_0022 Educate. Find your true leaders and carry them to safety. The world is going to go through rapid change. Embrace it.
Love unconditionally. Remember tragedy is only in your perception.
Awaken. The now is your only friend, the future is a dream and the past is ghost.
Dance, Create, Grow, Feel, Time is fleeting. Peace. —H.A. Strock

Everyday is EARTHDAY welcome to where I feel in tune…

IMG_0013 There is something very wrong about this forest road. Hiking in north-central Pennsylvania this is a common site.
Such a shame when capitalism has run astray, filled with Oligarchs, as is communism when it falls to the extreme like Marxist Theory
We should recognize as evolved beings that extremes in ANY situation are dangerous and a pathway to destruction of body and spirit. —–FFF

How to POWER the world by 2050….AND make no TRASH AND FEED it.

The TRUE #atlanticsunrise Project..

The TRUE #atlanticsunrise Project..
Ace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies As hard as is to imagine, let me steal your mind for 2 hours. As we embrace draconian laws based on geopolitics and unnecessary war, Let The Jacobson Plan for New York shock you into ELECTRICAL EXISTENCE. And embrace the FOOD TANK and PLASTIC BANK as plans for food and the ways to recycle are almost impossible to comprehend. or [Search domain] or is the answer to feed 7 million people and Plastic Bank (@PlasticBank) | Twitter is a way to turn waste into currency quickly and efficiently. And house the world.
I know that it seems impossible but these 3 things are the answer to the problems we are facing in the future.
I always was on a path to “figure out the problems of the world” and I do believe that I stumbled upon it.
It will take an enormous amount of kindness and patience and love to embrace the above mentioned things but it is possible! My life has led me on path that has been the embodiment of tragedy yet that has not stopped me from being on a path that has also engulfed with caring and need for questioning why corporations and greed have held men to path that has struck them with war since their existence on this planet.
Each of the things mentioned above, when implemented can feed,house,employ and be the economic lifeblood of a society that can spend its time creating art and music and resting our minds instead of beating them against a wall trying to find answers to problems that already sit with solutions and stop abusing our bodies and let them move in beautiful, gracious form.
LET EACH OF YOU LEARN PATIENCE AND LOVE and ask for PEACE. Faith has a place but it is often with ignorance.
As education stomps on infatuation and your own light brightens the night, know that we must reach out to the spirits still in fear and recognize that intelligence is not a sign of weakness. May you have PEACE in these trying times and clarity although it may often seem impossible.
Know that possessions are not a sign of worth and your soul is always cradled in rest. Thank all of those that have given whatever has effected your humanness and know that I have tried capture your mind for the betterment of humankind. Heath A. Strock _____FFF

Where is your Love?

6a00e551eea4f588340167648cfd95970b-800wi Over the past few years I have found that I belong close to my passion. The average person is finding themselves closer to the atrocities of the fossil fuel industry then they had ever realized. They are also in finding out just how far from the original intent of the constitution the USA has fallen. With the passage of Citizens United and the Patriot Act,… [Search domain] the once people powered government is a home to Corporate misconduct and a plutocracy that is quickly transforming the area into something that is very much resembling a 3rd world country. Let us not forget that if a Bush or Clinton wins the next 2 elections a member of those families will have ruled the country for 28 of the last 36 years since 1988. It is no wonder the most younger people have little faith in the country, It has been a dictatorship in their opinion.

This article is for you.

I am holding you in a the beautiful light that always surrounds you.You are so special, I can’t compare you to anything. I hope your day was the best, you deserve only that.I will forever love you.This article is dedicated to your beauty. Love, Dad