My Epilepsy Story & Activism

                                                             FAST FORWARD OCCUPY2012—-approached a Fracking Lobbyist on the Capitol Steps of PA. The Police said I was “combative”  Resulting in 2 Felony charges (stacked) & 2 misdemeanors(stacked) Although if you have been following this Blog for sometime you know I am Epileptic, apparently the Police think they are Doctors, Unfamiliar with seizures, Partial and Gran Mal, The officer in the doc. beat me into the wall and then threw me face down in his car while I was having a seizure. I was then taken to another location, hand-cuffed to a wall and had another seizure while the sorry excuse tried to find out something in my past.(there was ONLY tickets.)  I ended up spending the night in the Hospital after my confrontation. The event took place on the steps in front of the Capitol Steps. Although they erased the taped event to cover up the evidence of their misconduct. Please check this docket # for Dauphin County of PA about the Event,(Commonwealth Vs. Heath Strock—NO(s)  CP-22-CR-0399-2012) It is a travesty that now with facial recognition skills from hundreds of feet away they have such poor security cameras for a Federal Building, on a 24-36 hour auto-erase loop. I believe this is a lie personally. There was NO evidence recorded from the event  although many Officers and EMT’s could come forth with what they witnessed that day.

Update May 7, 2007

Well It’s about that time for a yearly update. I unfortunately have no travel stories this time around, just a little life update. I’ve been on my own for almost 3 years and let me tell you it’s NO fun. I still have travel plans but for now propane was a little more important. I’ve pretty much exhausted my immediate savings just to live even though I am the self -proclamed master of using the system before it uses you. I have some good news though 🙂 Life has sent me a curve ball and I have decided to pursue getting a degree in sience. Don’t ask me how I’m gonna do it though, lots of study groups I guess !:) Let me tell you one thing that I am sure is burning in your head right now, I feel really strongly about wind power and think it holds the key to our energy crisis. SO how is a TBI patient with 3-5 Gran Mal seizures a week ever gonna swing living independently and pursue a degree? Well I guess that will be on next year’s update. Thanks for checking back in on me, tbichat has carried me through alot of nights I thought about calling it quits. Peace out and be seizure free!

Update April 9, 2006

Just keeping everyone up to speed with trials and tribulations of not letting Epilepsy from a TBI get you tied down, off I went once again to the west with a real winner of a plan this time:) Get off the plane and start walking. What a plan. I landed in Sac and thought the city was a hell of a lot closer (things on a map in CA have a tendency to be a lot further than what they look on paper) I keep saying I’ll retire my pack but I keep on hiking and hitching. Picked up on the highway going north, it saved me some walking but I still felt relieved at the hot-springs that night and my back was saying “thanks” Meds still right on schedule and seizures were alien at this point, I’ll jump down to the point of my trip I want to get to… Camping, Living, and a little bit of a slap in the face. It was all cool till the plane ride home, 3 seizures on the plane. NOT cool, but it’s the way it goes. I told the attendants when we boarded so they knew, but were still a a bit scared. I guess the lesson of this trip is…Let folks know of your problem in advance and things will likely go a smoother at 30,000 feet at a time when people are already a little”edgy” about flying.

Update May l7, 2005

Well, back on the road again! I hope these updates continue to inspire all of the folks living with Epilepsy. I headed out to northern California with one real plan, to eventually meet up with my friend for her birthday. I landed out in San Fran and had a few rough days. As you all know by now Gran Mal seizures are no fun 🙁 But, I get through them and keep moving.North through the redwoods and northern California then circle back. The world is out there and waiting for me, and I’m coming:). My words of wisdom this time(if I have any) are to encourage your nuerologist to keep a personal relationship with you and your progress and always keep hope in hand—Peace till next time.

Update September 28, 2004

Just dropping a line to keep everyone up to speed. I’ve been out to the west coast again this year,enjoying the northern California atmosphere. Refusing to let my TBI make me a couch potato. I expect my nuerologist to move me offf Ativan, I am simply becoming more and more used to it. The year has gone rather smoothly as of august with only 40(+/-) Gran Mals. Thanks again for all the support this room has given me, and all the new folks remember this battle we are fighting can’t be done in a day, but you have lots of reinforcements for the long battle ahead of you.

Update 12/06/03

Still travelling, 8700 miles with only 5 Gran-Mals, The Road trip went well. I hope this is keeping on re-assuring anyone that all is possible depite my Epilepsy and TBI. I have relearned and retold myself again snd again that I won’t be kept down. Educate ureself and never give up. You don’t have to be glued to a TV or a computer the rest of your life. The world is at your own hands, grasp it and show it who’s the boss, I hope I can continue to develop the part (frontal lobe) that was damaged, there is alot of brain tissue in there you just gotta find it. Peace, Heath

Update 01/29/03

I just returned from hitching, hiking, hostelling and using the Washington, Oregon, California coast. I love the attitude of the northwest, a bit soggy in winter but worth the trip.I was prepared for the worst but only got the semi-bad. The characters I meant were worth it all and the coast was incredible. LOTS of time to think. I wish I could have went back up to Alaska while I was there. Only a few more hikes and I’ll retire my pack to my younger brother Brandy. Peace till then. and be seizure-free.:)

Update 12/08/02


I guess I’d just drop a line and let everyone know I’m still travelling and the children are getting bigger.

Original Story


I came home from work early on the day this all started. I had an extremely high fever,and despite thinking this was no more than the “flu”, My body had it’s first of what became 1000’s now of Gran-Mal seizures. I was 27 years old, and had the world had suddenly become a stranger to me, after awakening from a month long barbituate-induced coma to stop Status Elepticus, I had no memory of my children( 3 beautful healthy ones), and a wife that has since become a stranger. I enjoy writing,travel, and honest conversation.Please don’t pity me for I have so much more to give.

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