Supervisors in Western PA receiving full blown Lawsuit

 Pulaski Township,  

Pulaski Township Municipal Building
1172 State Route 208
Pulaski, Pennsylvania  16143           724-964-8891 

These are the bastards that are being sued by Timothy Chito, and Elizabeth Kesner to step up the game. 60 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, it’s pretty much no man’s land but it still does not give the corporate drilling FRACKERS to do as they please. I stand in solidarity with them. Reminding everyone this is no longer an Environmental Issue this a CivilRights Issue.  FFF     

 Supported ? The Ogliagarchial rock that we hide beneath

Supported ? The Ogliagarchial rock that we hide beneath

Samuel J. Varano Supervisor (Chairman)
Lori Sniezek Supervisor 
Greg Carna Supervisor

TD Bank / Direct Action/ Tar Sands

I will try to provide the links to various DIRECT ACTION protests against TD Bank which holds 100’s of thousands of shares in the Keystone XL Project.

         Please keep in mind though that it will take a hundred+ years to “get off” fossil fuels even if the Fracking, Drilling, Mining ended today. This is not going to be an easy process. We can though refuse to consume.  The most effective form of protest is non-consumption and unity amongst your local population.  Learn your neighbors. Create a tribe. Wishful thinking? maybe. Reality? I wish I could say not, but I can’t.        fff            OCCUPY        OWS      OCCUPY THE FARM

Central PA and the lack of enthusiasm.

I will be with the Monsanto Group Protest in solidarity but I’ve discovered that, for those of you who want to attend a group meeting of the minds on the subject the place to go is NOT Lancaster. After contacting their  police department we’ve found that they do not have even 1(one) extra officer assigned to Penn Square. Harrisburg’s Occupy group has around 500 people registered to meet at the Capitol on Saturday. My guess would be that it will not even be reported. Actions on your own speak volumes in an area that is already bewildered governmentally with The Amish and other religious groups that have been saving seeds for hundreds of years. If you want to take part at the protest at the Capitol, it is “scheduled” for 11-2. I can’t attend due to legal reasons but I would encourage everyone to keep using Heirloom Seeds, Heritage Breeds of Livestock and not using Round up or Miracle gro. That will put a larger dent in Monsanto’s armor then standing with 50 -100 people on a sidewalk when it is a holiday and most stores are closed let alone the fact the entire PA Legislature is in recess AND there is a Festival on Front Street.    Go have a good time Saturday, whatever you do. Stay out of trouble . Peace—-ƒƒƒ—

Another Milestone and A Day of Rememberence.

        First, Thank you All for helping me hit  1,500 on the Blog. I know that sometimes it seems like Fracking and Farming take a back seat to my other interests like Corporate Greed, Government Abuse and other Moral issues but I try to stay on course. It is difficult to stay centered when the palate we call our world has been cracked, causing a strange hue that we , as citizens of the world is foreign in our known prism.—–ƒƒƒ

Secondly, I need to take this time to recognize The death of Ray Manzarek of the Doors and Jeff Hanneman of Slayer.

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Biblical Literalism, Age and Terrain…

Fracking in my opinion survives in Pennsylvania due to these 3 factors. The Industry has taken advantage of the age of the average Pennsylvanian near Fracking areas and their inability to comprehend the science of  Fracking or unwillingness to go against the grain and speak up. The adage divide and conquer is very easy to apply in PA due to forests, mountains, rivers and lack of access to truthful networking (hence the enormous amounts of money spent by Comcast) to suppress any news that may cause a disruption in the gears of greed that are oiled like a Harley’s  parking spot.     ƒƒƒ—-

Progress…..or not

Carlisle Borough community garden law moves ahead, but some call for tightening

Barbara Miller | bmiller@pennlive.comBy Barbara Miller | 
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on May 09, 2013 at 8:37 PM, updated May 09, 2013 at 8:45 PM    A community garden ordinance is on the path to adoption in Carlisle, but some residents asked council to add some tighter teeth.

View full sizeStacy Sanders and Josiah Keller (front), members of Carlisle Alliance Church, at the farm stand where vegetables grown in the church’s plot are shared with the community. In the background are Mark and Beth Groninger, who help run the garden.submitted photo

Sharon Harrow of South Pitt Street said she believes there should be additional safety and maintenance regulations than have been proposed in a draft recommended by the planning commission.

Council asked the solicitor to draw up the ordinance based on the planning commission recommendation, and a public hearing will be held at 6:40 p.m. July 11 for further input.

Harrow said she is favor of community gardens, but believes there needs to be language dealing with standing water, who is in charge of maintenance, privacy and pesticides, and that a nominal fee should be charged for a permit. She and several others displayed large photos of the Dickinson College community garden as an example of what they don’t want to see in a community garden.

But Ann Dailey, manager of the college garden, came to its defense, saying the reason the garden isn’t tidy is because it is being moved to another site so that the land can be used for an athletic field. In the past the garden has been on tours and received an award from Carlisle Garden Club, Dailey said.

After the meeting, Harrow said she doesn’t live near a community garden, but is supporting a friend who lives in the neighborhood where one has been proposed. That person’s concern led to consideration of the ordinance, which is needed because the zoning ordinance had no provision for such gardens.

Bruce Koziar, borough planning and codes enforcement officer, based the proposed ordinance on a model ordinance drawn up by Cumberland County Planning Commission and other municipalities. He said it will be up to council whether to add some additional provisions of the other ordinances.

Best management practices have been added to the ordinance, would include not allowing standing water, hours that abide by borough sound and light restrictions, proper storing of tools, disposing of trash and having a fall clean-up.

Under the proposed ordinance, community gardens would need a free permit, and would be allowed to grow food for donation, but not to sell at a farm stand. On-site composting would be allowed, provided it doesn’t produce odors and pests. The gardeners would have to show there is sufficient parking, post no more than one sign per road frontage and abide by setback regulations.————   This is the birth of a new age of healthy food. Raised bed, Rooftop, square-foot gardening and the like are being ushered in. I will say it AGAIN when there are no more non-GMO’s and Frack-water is your only water, you won’t give a damn about fall clean-up. My hat is off to Dickinson, I know you’ll do it right. You’re lawyers, screw them and sue them if they don’t like it.   ƒƒƒ

California insisting on safe water…

‘Huge Win’: California Committee Votes to Halt Fracking

Californians gained a key victory in the fight to protect the state’s water and air Monday when three bills that halt the practice of fracking won votes in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.

The bills call for a moratorium on the controversial and polluting extraction method allowing the state more time to examine the threats posed on California’s environment and public health———.  Although this is still in committee, it seems to be enlightening people about fracking.  Lets hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.—–ƒƒƒ—–

Tomorrow, Tomorrow you’ll hear us tomorrow, it’s only a day away.


  • More than 5,000 miles of PA streams have been degraded by agricultural pollution—this is more miles of degraded streams than for any other major source of water pollution in Pennsylvania.
  • Organic growing methods are shown to reduce polluted runoff by as much as 20 percent and contain few to no toxic pesticides—PennEnvironment
  •     See you all in Harrisburg tomorrow.  ƒƒƒ

Just Say NO to Miracle-Gro/Monsanto–How to make your own potting soil.

I have created a 2 stage composting system that uses a highly modernized pitch-fork rotation system. I then have a screen, similar to a window screen frame that I shake the soil through to get out the rocks and it leaves me with very nice soil. I then fill last year’s containers with soil so I have “0 waste”.     ƒƒƒIMG_0059IMG_0061IMG_0062IMG_0063IMG_0060IMG_0064