Please send LOVE to those effected by #wildfires

Please send #love to everyone, everywhere….Your possessions could be gone in a flash. Right NOW I have spoken to my Best Friend and she is safe but the #valleyfire is no where near under control. Right NOW is a an unfortunate time for many. Like I said, your life’s work is just that. Work is your life and you should be doing what you want to be doing, on a road to achieving what you desire, because tomorrow is not guaranteed to ever come and yesterday is just a memory. It is time to pray for the GOD of your choice but LIVE IN THE NOW. Your home, your car, even your body is just a temporary structure. Create #community and #family. That is what is going to matter the most if you lose everything but are spared your life. Like I have said on numerous occasions, EMBRACE but do not POSSESS it could all disappear in a second, or less. RESPECT, BREATHE and LOVE. DO NOT WASTE ONE MORE INCH OF SOIL OR GALLON OF WATER. We may need it for food and shelter in a second from now. It is truly a miracle that more lives have not been lost by these horrific environmental tragedies #prepare for a disaster, it could come tomorrow, or even tonight. May those that provide for people be safe in the hand’s of the GOD they chose and their spirit safe to keep those that need help out of the way of OUR ridiculous behavior.(some are not to blame) Even if you have played a part in a storm or fire, contribute to helping anyone you may have displaced. END EVERY CONFLICT AND STOP EVERY #FOSSILFUEL #DIVEST #Hemp #biofuel #valleyfire #roughfire #buttefire and all those I have missed, MY SPIRIT IS WITH YOU.

The Clean Water Rule the new law, Filling the gaps behind The Clean Water ACT

Advocating for those that can’t speak.(Fish and Apiary) Strengthening the Clean Water ACT, The new RULE looks at the headwaters of ALL small rivers, streams and wetlands for clean water. Until I look at this thoroughly, it certainly looks like the legislation we have been WAITING FOR DECADES!!!
The focus looks to sustainability and ecosystems. WOW! I’m just a little to overwelhed that it may be an example that the EPA is actually functioning.
Making the headwaters of streams and wetlands sustainable was seeming for years to be a pipedream. Being the time, I’ll finish this article in a few hours but I was so excited about it I had to start the article TONIGHT! WOW! going to bed with a little bit of hope. And we have no one but ourselves to thank! more to come,I need a little sleep. PEACE IMG_0009

Never Brush all Cops With The Same BRUSH…..

Even though I am A bit of freedom lover, I have found that with local, personal interaction, Cops, (Police) are not all bad. Unfortunately the bad eggs amongst them have stained the reputations of my (or nearby Depts) local law enforcement. The corruption of some township officials although not all of them is not apparent at every corner. Some commisioners are hardly able to defend their proposals while scurrying off into a corner and remaining ignorant while others are eager to learn new technology.
On the coldest evenings I have been offered a ride in a cruiser (not face down in the back) and My interaction has been pretty good. They are not intimidated by me and I am certainly not intimidated by them. If they are doing their job, They are probably very concerned about your safety and that is very honorable quality. When we think about “cops” go meet the ones that you interact with and say “Hi” you’d probably be surprised at the return gesture. Respect is a two way street in my book and it’s very, very simple. Honesty and Quality. Be Safe ——————————-IMG_0031FFF

10 HOURS away…..Fractivists, Patriots unite

The inauguration of TomWolf in Pensylvania will be the showdown between Big Oil&Gas  and Fractivists from all over the country. The PRE inauguration meeting will begin at 216 State St in Harrisburg, PA. Environmentalists, Anti-Fracking groups and Patriots will be reminding him of how important our water is to us in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians Against Fracking is just a small group with a huge push to remind the Gov-Elect that the Fracking Companies in the state are consolidating and are dangerous, corporate sponsored entity that held a death grip on the citizens of rural PA. Educate and train the workers in the #shale industry in #sustainabile jobs.

The largest fear of Fracking and Shale Gas workers is that they will not be able to find jobs in #green #energy after the bubble and the Drilling Companies have made it very easy for them to wonder where their next paycheck is going to be coming from as the country becomes aware as to the atrocities of the Natural Gas and Pipeline industry.

Join us and let the rest of the country know that PA will spearheading a movement away from Nuclear, Gas Fracking and oil as we convert to EV vehicles.  ———–FFF        (my twitter account may have been compromised)


The Pe-Inaugural Meeting Tomorrow 1-20 09:00

Tomorrow fracking and pipeline activists will be meeting prior to the Inauguration of Tom Wolf at google maps 216 state street harrisburg at DuckDuckGo  The march to the Capitol will be at  10:00  with Josh Fox Writer/Directer of GasLand 1 & 2  and  Noharmtothefarm and  several other activist groups from Ohio, New York, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey and of course Pennsylvania and other members from LINKS page. See You There. If you use Twitter #lancasterpipeline #banfracking #fracking #organicfarms #DIRECTACTION   #NOFEAR   #ConstitutionalRights #2nd    —————





6a00e551eea4f588340167648cfd95970b-800wi      The horror story that has been unfolding will come front and center at the Event planned for next tuesday.

Clean Up Pennsylvania Rally in Harrisburg, PA
Capitol Steps, Harrisburg

Filthy energy makes for filthy government. Join Pennsylvanians Against Fracking to rid Harrisburg of the gas industry’s dirty political influence.

Tom Wolf just won the election to be Pennsylvania’s next Governor. As Governor, Wolf will have the power to halt fracking. However, we know it is going to take a lot of pressure to win a statewide moratorium.

That pressure starts November 18th in Harrisburg. We’ll use a big box of cleaning supply to show the next Governor how to clean up our state. Please also bring your own cleaning tools- brooms, mops, sponges- get creative! We’ll also bring some homemade solar panels to shine sunlight- the best disinfectant- on the Capitol.

Sign up today and let us know if you need transportation:

Southeastern PA: Click here to get on the bus to Harrisburg from Philadelphia. We’ll have pick up locations at 30th Street Station and King of Prussia!
Southwestern PA: Email Diane Sipe at to get plugged into carpools with Marcellus Outreach Butler and Marcellus Protest!
Lehigh Valley: Email Tara at to join the Lehigh Valley carpool!
State College: Email Melody at for the State College carpool.
Northwest PA: Email Sam Miller at to get plugged into a carpool from the Erie County area!
Let us know if you want to coordinate a carpool from your community by emailing
This event is the first rally held by Pennsylvanians Against Fracking, our new coalition with groups including Berks Gas Truth, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Marcellus Outreach Butler, Marcellus Protest, PennEnvironment and Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air.

For more information, check out our new Pennsylvanians Against Fracking website:

Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
N. 3rd Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Click “Sign me up” below to register today6a00e551eea4f588340167648cfd95970b-800wi


The Monsanto/Round-UP/Scotts/Dupont Connection

Printable Truth-in-labeling Petition        Even though both PA  Toomey and Casey have signed the small farm killing, Big -AG bill in the Senate, your voice can still be heard.

Join others globally as they try to put the brakes on this corporation and on a personal level join the boy-cot against Scott’s and Miracle-Gro. Small amounts of crab grass and dandelions are a small price to pay for the damage that has been done to the honey bee population which are the primary pollination for most plants and creators of all the honey production in the United States. There are many local groups that are  working to end the long standing connection between Dow, Dupont and Monsanto. __FFFmam2-140w

Utah Governor Gets it Right (unlike corbett) Charlee’s Law

“Charlee’s Law” will go into effect on July 1 and only allows certain patients with severe epilepsy to be prescribed a marijuana extract that is low in the high-inducing chemical tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, but full of cannabidiol , or CBD — a chemical that many say is unmatched when it comes to conquering seizures but stops short of getting users stoned.

“Cannabis oils show promise of offering some relief to Utahans suffering from seizures and epilepsy and we should do all we can to help them,” Gov. Herbert said last week. “My concern has been that the products are produced properly and that we have the adequate protections in place. Ultimately, I am satisfied the bill provides for that and I decided to sign it.”

Finaly a man who realizes that I (we) don’t want weed to get high. I could care less if the plant has any THC in it. Only until you have lived a life with uncontrolled siezures can you understand what it would be like not to take several AED’s twice a day and still not know when the next siezure is going to hit or where it will hit.

The idea of actually having my siezures under control by taking an oil or paste naturally is enough to uproot me from my home and look for land in area that isn’t  being bought and sold by bankers, big oil/gas, and the Sickness Industry that has transformed America’s healthcare system into just another business.


 Hospitals should not be listed on the NYSE and Real Medicine should not have a warning label. bfy.   FFF   OCCUPY  OWS  OCCUPY THE FARM      

One of the reasons why we need a Revolution

In 1999, a series of laws /reforms went into effect essentially giving the financial world total control not only over your property, what is under your property, the companies that produce what is under your property, the pipelines to ship what ever they find, the trucks to transport it, the tankers to hold it off shore and sell it back to the USA (aka you) when it is most or least needed at a premium or send it China if they don’t think they will not make enough money selling it in the USA. Let me introduce you  to the “Financial Modernization Act of 1999” Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

This is what I would like to term as “Crafted Fascism”.fas·cism noun ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-: a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator (or in this case a group of dictators i.e. banks) controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.

             It turns the United States into an industrial warehouse where you don’t even  own your name. Crafted in the minds of people very similar to the ones that brought you Jekyll Island, Goldman Sachs, Chase, J.P. Morgan. This act lets their  be no progress. No return of manufacturing to the U.S. It discourages invention. It assures that the .oooo1% will sit proudly on their thrones….

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

until their heads are on a spike.         ƒƒƒ         OCCUPY     OWS      OCCUPY WALL STREET         OCCUPY  BRADFORD