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I have been busy. I apologize to my readers but those of you who follow me, know I have been working and making extreme progress with my tasks.
If you do not have a twitter account and you appreciate my work, you must get one to follow my writing.
Although I know the importance of a good article, you must realize that by the time this is published it will be history. There is not a thing you can do about history, except read it and by the time you read something in the world of activism, it may or may not have been spun to be true or parts of the article may be true or false. The future is speculation and even 1 nano-second ago is history. History is wonderful when it is true and correct. Unfortunately we live in a time which technology allows corporations and people that are racist or liars to get away with crime. Technology and the devices it creates other are outdated by the time they are released and as Americans we have access to these things. The Constitution of America is a beautiful piece of literature, written by many very wise men. Unfortunately, that is where things started to go seriously wrong with this magnificent country. In most cases, corporations and their lobbyists

The TRUE #atlanticsunrise Project..

The TRUE #atlanticsunrise Project..

employing men and women of every color and race have lied and gamed the System and the System was put in place to protect us from the very things that we argue about most amongst strangers, family, friends and even enemies.
We do have our Freedom of Speech and our Right to Bear Arms, the truest forms of being in the Now. When an article is published or a bullet is fired, they are equally as hurtful so as a journalist you must pursue and witness events and accounts of actions as they are occurring and be prepared to defend the truth. The objective is to reach as many as possible as quickly as possible because even the beginning of this article may be untrue You have nothing to prove that it may have been written by someone who is greedy or deceitful. You have only your trust in me and what I have written in the past and as I said, that could be a lie.
Where ever there is someone out to help, there is someone out to hurt. That is in the basic thread of humankind since its evolving. Only things like Grouping, Religion and Government accelerated pain. Some would argue that anything that is precious is in the core of Death, whether it be coinage or water or even soil has had equal value historically. That is why the only thing that matters is Now.
I have found that Twitter is one thing that has great value because it can reach millions with a simple hashtag.(#) and that is In the Now, a historically powerful concept and even the basis of some religions and faiths, but even a faith can create tragedy and anything that involves money for exchange unless Free, is worthless because it can be twisted the moment it happens. A successful parent or business can be disoriented or destroyed in seconds by a simple action because that action can be looked upon by someone, somewhere with ill intent. That is why we must look only upon things that we can touch, feel, smell or taste in the moment as real. Something that someone has worked for their entire life can be destroyed in a split second. By an act of nature or man, on purpose or accidentally. That is why we, in my opinion, must appreciate the weather, relationships and meditation. They are happening as I write but even my writing is not reality because we may find out the language I am using is in fact, accidentally or preconceived by a lie. That is why must experience in person the world because even a story about a country is worthless unless you trust the writer and the writer may be, a selfish bastard that has only their wishes in mind. The intent of only some may in fact be the intent of many. Unless you are there, you have no way of knowing or may have a false impression of a place. You may be the victim, subject of propaganda or misinterpretation.
That is why Love is a powerful emotion but it vanishes unless you can trust the other person. I don’t mean to say that in an unthoughtful way.
That is why facts are in a sense not real. A fact is a statement made by another and facts are then, in fact, speculative also because a fact is written in language and language may, in turn, be a false statement, made by another organism to better their own self at the cost of many or one.
Things that are beautiful must be seen in person because a photograph or film, no matter how wonderful and entertaining may have been adjusted to suit the taker of the photo or film or the recipient to suit their desire in time.
The basis of all these things are the human senses, so we must appreciate and preserve all of our senses. They allow us to act but to act is an illusion because time transpired during the action and time is only developed by man. Senses are as close to any Spirit as allowed by Life, therefore Life is in my opinion, in essence, priceless because it supports the senses, which allow us to taste, see, hear, smell and feel objects which we value as gifts.
Music, in turn, is wonderful. It allows us to engage all of the senses simultaneously. Anything that allows us to engage all senses is priceless.
Wood, Metal, Water, Air and Heat is also of great value. They engage all senses at once.
This why Health and keeping things in Natural Form are so incredible.
Communication and Time is valuable, if we want to be social but it is not necessary. Some that have been in trauma or handicapped under any intention are still capable of Life.
The Breath supports Life, that is why we meditate and concentrate to listen to Air filling our body. It also relaxes and protects.
Quality and Rest makes actions easier and should be appreciated.
The Mind is in fact what allows us to perceive everything so it is the most important. The Mind is the Foundation of all or nothing.
All of this was written by Heath Alexander Strock on the last day of June and the first day of July 2015 between the Eastern Standard hours of 2200, on the 30th of June and 0500 on the 1rst of July in the United States of America. It may be reproduced in its entirety or in parts by Anyone or No-One. Spelling and Grammar errors may be corrected.

The Clean Water Rule the new law, Filling the gaps behind The Clean Water ACT

Advocating for those that can’t speak.(Fish and Apiary) Strengthening the Clean Water ACT, The new RULE looks at the headwaters of ALL small rivers, streams and wetlands for clean water. Until I look at this thoroughly, it certainly looks like the legislation we have been WAITING FOR DECADES!!!
The focus looks to sustainability and ecosystems. WOW! I’m just a little to overwelhed that it may be an example that the EPA is actually functioning.
Making the headwaters of streams and wetlands sustainable was seeming for years to be a pipedream. Being the time, I’ll finish this article in a few hours but I was so excited about it I had to start the article TONIGHT! WOW! going to bed with a little bit of hope. And we have no one but ourselves to thank! more to come,I need a little sleep. PEACE IMG_0009

Why The Township of Fairview in York County PA should not SELL ITS WATER/SEWER

The true story of AKA New Cumberland, Lewisberry, Etters and several other northern York County PA IMG_0031towns and boroughs. Ultimately, it comes down to a day in November last year. YOU WOULD BE INVITING ONTO YOUR PROPERTY A VERY UNSTABLE CORPORATE ENTITY.
In case you were unaware, the Pennsylvania American Water is a subsidiary of American Water and it operates under the Wall Street (NYSE) ticker AWK and it has done an enormous amount of insider trading in the past 7 months.
Perhaps I should ask the Township Supervisors why I want the largest utility company in the country owning my water and forcing some citizens with perfectly functioning septic systems to hook to their septic system at an average of $10,000 ?
Perhaps you could explain why on November 13, 2014 Kathy L. Pape the current president of PA Water moved 7,433 shares at $34.12 valued at $253,614 Then moved 3,886 shares at $27.08 valued at $105,233. Then in the same day moved 7,433 shares $51.88 valued at $385,624 and then 3,886 shares at $51.88 valued at $201,606.
On the same day a secretary in the company Kellye L. Walker moved 6,766 shares valued at $52.21 valued at $353,253 and then moved 12,100 shares of stock at $52.21 valued at $631,741.
To only add insult to injury the day prior November 12, 2014 the VP of the company Edward Vallejo made ONLY $137,404 on 5,074 shares at $27.08 each.
The current President Susan Story has quite a story of her own moved 6,118 shares at $48.10 valued at $294,276 just 42 days prior.
If for no other reason then total financial instability, this certainly does not look like a company that should have any rights to my property. (That is what the sewer does through eminent domain on some land)
Just as you have granted Sunoco the rights run a re purposed gas line only inches from our playground (Roof Park) I would have to ask why? I paid for this park with TAX money and you did not ask to run NGL’s through it.
Why are you even thinking of investing in industries that are unstable, un-organic, and obviously have little concern about our children,elderly or the disabled otherwise they would not be thinking about of pushing methane (an odorless NGL) through an 80 year old pipeline while they currently are running into enormous amounts of opposition running natural gas or other NGL’s in other areas of the state.

This article is for you.

width="200" Knowing we have not spoken in years, it pains me to think of the time we have wasted. It is truly just time though and your spirit rides high above the clouds of this earth. Yesterday is just a memory though and tomorrow is only a dream.I hope you had a wonderful birthday and remember that when you are alone I will be walking with you. Peace and be safe in all you do. Love, Dad

Everyday is EARTHDAY welcome to where I feel in tune…

IMG_0013 There is something very wrong about this forest road. Hiking in north-central Pennsylvania this is a common site.
Such a shame when capitalism has run astray, filled with Oligarchs, as is communism when it falls to the extreme like Marxist Theory
We should recognize as evolved beings that extremes in ANY situation are dangerous and a pathway to destruction of body and spirit. —–FFF

How to POWER the world by 2050….AND make no TRASH AND FEED it.

The TRUE #atlanticsunrise Project..

The TRUE #atlanticsunrise Project..
Ace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies As hard as is to imagine, let me steal your mind for 2 hours. As we embrace draconian laws based on geopolitics and unnecessary war, Let The Jacobson Plan for New York shock you into ELECTRICAL EXISTENCE. And embrace the FOOD TANK and PLASTIC BANK as plans for food and the ways to recycle are almost impossible to comprehend. or [Search domain] or is the answer to feed 7 million people and Plastic Bank (@PlasticBank) | Twitter is a way to turn waste into currency quickly and efficiently. And house the world.
I know that it seems impossible but these 3 things are the answer to the problems we are facing in the future.
I always was on a path to “figure out the problems of the world” and I do believe that I stumbled upon it.
It will take an enormous amount of kindness and patience and love to embrace the above mentioned things but it is possible! My life has led me on path that has been the embodiment of tragedy yet that has not stopped me from being on a path that has also engulfed with caring and need for questioning why corporations and greed have held men to path that has struck them with war since their existence on this planet.
Each of the things mentioned above, when implemented can feed,house,employ and be the economic lifeblood of a society that can spend its time creating art and music and resting our minds instead of beating them against a wall trying to find answers to problems that already sit with solutions and stop abusing our bodies and let them move in beautiful, gracious form.
LET EACH OF YOU LEARN PATIENCE AND LOVE and ask for PEACE. Faith has a place but it is often with ignorance.
As education stomps on infatuation and your own light brightens the night, know that we must reach out to the spirits still in fear and recognize that intelligence is not a sign of weakness. May you have PEACE in these trying times and clarity although it may often seem impossible.
Know that possessions are not a sign of worth and your soul is always cradled in rest. Thank all of those that have given whatever has effected your humanness and know that I have tried capture your mind for the betterment of humankind. Heath A. Strock _____FFF