Life’s Lessons…Revised 50/33 and a Full Moon

I have now some advice to give, this is my own and if it shared so be it.
1. I have stopped using the microwave except for the clock.
2. I have eliminated processed foods except on occasion, or in times when I need calories quick.
3. I steam my food.
4. I have removed anything plastic except things in relation to technology.
5. I have replaced things I own with glass, wood or metal
6. I clean filters monthly.
7. I give thanks to the Earth for allowing me in it every Full Moon.
8. If it has a button I press it every 33 days.
9. If it has a plug I unplug it every 33 days.
10. I make my own spices and soap.
11. I tell everyone in my family I love them at least monthly.
12. I hang my pans.
13. I communicate with people directly.
14. I grind my own coffee.
15. If it has a bulb I make sure it lit or has the ability to be.
16. I make sure that if has a joint or connection or switch it is turned every 33 days. (metal,bone,tile)
17. I make contact with every number in my phone or computer or I remove it.
18. If it has a drawer it is opened every 33 days.
19. I take off every piece of jewelry I own for at least 1 day a month, usually Full Moon.
20. I sleep at least 6 hours straight.
21. If it is glass I can see though it (excluding colored glass or stained glass I made.
22. I visit a doctor every 3 months (It could be on a computer or neurosurgeon )
23. I don’t abbreviate any word over 6 letters.
24. I open packages.
25. I turn the pocket of everything I own inside out on Full Moon.
26. I don’t keep more then 2 “junk drawers”
27. I only use a book shelf for books.
28. I don’t keep more then 2 of the same thing.
29. I keep chickens.
30. I cry.
31. I love unconditionally.
32. I empty it Full Moon.
33. I don’t expect anything.
34. I find out who an “expert” in a topic was funded by.
35. If it has 2 wheels I ride it.
36. I write at least 10 pages every 33 days.
37. If it controls my life I make contact with it.
38. If it is broken into more then 3 pieces I fix it or get rid of it.
39. I paint.
40. I don’t get cold.
41. I like owls.
42. I don’t let anything with more then 10,000 have more then 10,000.
43. I don’t keep more then 5 things that tell time.
44. I can reach everything on my body.
45. I celebrate at least 1 thing a month.
46. I don’t use fluoride.
47. I take the lids off everything every Full Moon.
48. If it has a purpose I know what it is.
49. I am an activist.
50. I don’t go to bed with dishes in the sink.

Please send LOVE to those effected by #wildfires

Please send #love to everyone, everywhere….Your possessions could be gone in a flash. Right NOW I have spoken to my Best Friend and she is safe but the #valleyfire is no where near under control. Right NOW is a an unfortunate time for many. Like I said, your life’s work is just that. Work is your life and you should be doing what you want to be doing, on a road to achieving what you desire, because tomorrow is not guaranteed to ever come and yesterday is just a memory. It is time to pray for the GOD of your choice but LIVE IN THE NOW. Your home, your car, even your body is just a temporary structure. Create #community and #family. That is what is going to matter the most if you lose everything but are spared your life. Like I have said on numerous occasions, EMBRACE but do not POSSESS it could all disappear in a second, or less. RESPECT, BREATHE and LOVE. DO NOT WASTE ONE MORE INCH OF SOIL OR GALLON OF WATER. We may need it for food and shelter in a second from now. It is truly a miracle that more lives have not been lost by these horrific environmental tragedies #prepare for a disaster, it could come tomorrow, or even tonight. May those that provide for people be safe in the hand’s of the GOD they chose and their spirit safe to keep those that need help out of the way of OUR ridiculous behavior.(some are not to blame) Even if you have played a part in a storm or fire, contribute to helping anyone you may have displaced. END EVERY CONFLICT AND STOP EVERY #FOSSILFUEL #DIVEST #Hemp #biofuel #valleyfire #roughfire #buttefire and all those I have missed, MY SPIRIT IS WITH YOU.

When twitter goes down ……@frackfreefarm

As much as I love twitter it has it’s days….Right now it is down, Do you have your own website to get information out to your community? Right NOW I, like most people on the progressive end of finance and collection am DIVESTING in ALL #fossilfuels and am showing others how to do that also! How to divest from fossil fuels, no matter the size of your … [Search domain]… don’t let the obvious go to the back burner. [Search domain]… go local!!!! support your local farmers don’t let one more inch of farmland suffer to #pipelines #methane and #fracking we can ALL be converting to ADVANCE SAVE our FARMS bring the people that are working like rats for large #coal companies out the mines! LET US BE THE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE WE ARE #share your harvest #love your neighbor!!!! IT IS TIME!!! #oprapidshift #directaction END FRACKING NOW!!!! make your own fuel, #golocal help our commercial drivers train for new careers in INDUSTRIAL HEMP and Local produce. do you need help? contact your local leaders and stop the mines. Stop the drilling NOW before it is too late. frackingblm

Emergency Shut-Off Valve In PA State/Municipal Park

IMG_0034 LOOK UP Natural Gas Flares. You DO NOT WANT them any where near your property!!!________FFF