Please send LOVE to those effected by #wildfires

Please send #love to everyone, everywhere….Your possessions could be gone in a flash. Right NOW I have spoken to my Best Friend and she is safe but the #valleyfire is no where near under control. Right NOW is a an unfortunate time for many. Like I said, your life’s work is just that. Work is your life and you should be doing what you want to be doing, on a road to achieving what you desire, because tomorrow is not guaranteed to ever come and yesterday is just a memory. It is time to pray for the GOD of your choice but LIVE IN THE NOW. Your home, your car, even your body is just a temporary structure. Create #community and #family. That is what is going to matter the most if you lose everything but are spared your life. Like I have said on numerous occasions, EMBRACE but do not POSSESS it could all disappear in a second, or less. RESPECT, BREATHE and LOVE. DO NOT WASTE ONE MORE INCH OF SOIL OR GALLON OF WATER. We may need it for food and shelter in a second from now. It is truly a miracle that more lives have not been lost by these horrific environmental tragedies #prepare for a disaster, it could come tomorrow, or even tonight. May those that provide for people be safe in the hand’s of the GOD they chose and their spirit safe to keep those that need help out of the way of OUR ridiculous behavior.(some are not to blame) Even if you have played a part in a storm or fire, contribute to helping anyone you may have displaced. END EVERY CONFLICT AND STOP EVERY #FOSSILFUEL #DIVEST #Hemp #biofuel #valleyfire #roughfire #buttefire and all those I have missed, MY SPIRIT IS WITH YOU.

Never Brush all Cops With The Same BRUSH…..

Even though I am A bit of freedom lover, I have found that with local, personal interaction, Cops, (Police) are not all bad. Unfortunately the bad eggs amongst them have stained the reputations of my (or nearby Depts) local law enforcement. The corruption of some township officials although not all of them is not apparent at every corner. Some commisioners are hardly able to defend their proposals while scurrying off into a corner and remaining ignorant while others are eager to learn new technology.
On the coldest evenings I have been offered a ride in a cruiser (not face down in the back) and My interaction has been pretty good. They are not intimidated by me and I am certainly not intimidated by them. If they are doing their job, They are probably very concerned about your safety and that is very honorable quality. When we think about “cops” go meet the ones that you interact with and say “Hi” you’d probably be surprised at the return gesture. Respect is a two way street in my book and it’s very, very simple. Honesty and Quality. Be Safe ——————————-IMG_0031FFF

Pipeline Meeting Tonight In New Cumberland PA

…Although this pipeline is just as dangerous as the (Keystone XL or KXL ) and not Nearly as ominous as the (Williams) Pipeline in Lancaster this is a whole new approach to Fossil Fuels. Saying that their lines will drive 2 (two) 24 inch Propane lines to Marcus Hook Philadelphia For Export is truly a slap in the face.
The fact these train cars (usually outdated) and a pipeline that was constructed in 1931 Pipelines are following the The old ROW (right of way) and are being built illegally because “this is not your Grandma’s PIPELINE. NGL’s will be flowing freely to the coast for export. These lines carry carry gases that are heavier then air so when a line busts or leaks, the gas goes undetected for hours. until someone sparks or lights a flame and then causes a major explosion. Ethane , compressed is a very substance dangerous and when it is leaking can go undetected for hours. Sunoco is holding an “Open House” that again has gotten no press coverage and is flying under the radar to create a line no exactually 3 lines beside each other that they again will send out their PR team to hand out Tape measures, camo hats and shopping bags and usually say how safe their fossil fuels are, they will be using TWP police as security and are counting on “educating the public” this is a travesty to the township astetics and claiming they have “eminent domain” over certain land owners The meeting, Tonight in 3.5 hours has been poorly advertised and is said to only effect those in the ROW of the existing pipeline, when this has no qualities of that pipeline. WHY SHOULD I CARE: the “blast -zone of this pipeline is undetermined and could effect the entire township, not just those along the pipeline route. PLEASE ATTEND TONIGHT 5:30 pm to 7:30 and show them we DO NOT WANT PIPELINES IN OUR Township Tonight Feb. 24 5:30 pm @ the FAIRVIEW TWP FIREHALL and join local concerned citizens. Thank You (if you need proof of Sunocologistics Safety Record see…mooringsport-

TOO much time on Twitter….

In order to keep up with the almost illegal announcements of SunocoLogistics Mariner 1, 2, 3 Pipeline projects it has sent me to a forum where I can post information in a more timely manner. I am anxious to communicate with my fellow locals but when Enviro-Concern announcements are 2 hours before the meeting in rural areas. Please stay on top with the  facts  SUNOCO FALLS UNDER A SPIDER WEB OF NAMES AND IS NOW OFFERING A 5 cent OFF per gallon PR campaign. A small clip from the Bloserville Cumberland/Perry Pipeline awareness Meeting.

{Another landowner from Bloserville, Lenny Witmer, also expressed his anger over how Sunoco Logistics has been handling the situation. Even more so, Witmer could not help but wonder where the landowners’ local representatives and politicians were that he believes should be at the informative meetings supporting landowners.

“I’m really irritated with America, the politicians for one,” Witmer said, “The fact that those guys in Harrisburg or Washington, D.C., will bend over backwards for Sunoco, Wal-Mart, Kmart, you name it … but Lenny Witmer that lives in the middle of nowhere — they don’t care.”

Though, while the verdict is already out for many of the landowners when it comes to how they feel about the project, some remain skeptical about the overall outcome. Oscar Barrick, a resident of the Bloserville area, was present when Sunoco took over the Mariner East 1 pipeline that already runs through western Cumberland County. Barrick noted that he was unaware of any accidents that had occurred since the first pipeline had been built, but also added that the new pipeline was going to be “a lot bigger” than the residents think it is going to be, and that as of now, he is unsure how to feel about the entire subject.

For some, however, it is not the new pipeline that has residents concerned. The pipeline that currently exists, Mariner East 1, falls into the lower 4 percent of the oldest pipelines in the nation having been built in 1931. Sunoco said it has since refurbished some of the line, but the pipeline’s age still leaves Thorpe and company concerned about the safety of residents who already have the pipeline running through parts of their property. Thorpe noted that while she is not completely against the pipeline projects, she added that the biggest issue for her is the fight for safer regulations for the existing and potentially new pipeline that could be making its way into the area.

As of now, nothing is set in stone as to whether or not the pipeline will actually be constructed. However, Thorpe noted that the process has been proposed and that the wheels are in motion to get the new pipeline underway.

Thorpe and Van Fleet will host another information meeting for the public within the next two weeks.}

Again the next meeting was is Lebanon County where they have faced the least opposition and least educated landowners in Central PA.

How many were informed of the “Quentin Firehall ” community meeting on the 16th??? I encourage everyone to follow our FB awareness group and a daily follow of @frackFreeFarm on twitter to make sure you are not fooled by their campaign and PR actions. Obviously local officials are NOT on your side!!!!!!54d2f283eb98b.image

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  1. pystil
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    pystil – February 14, 2015 11:36 am
    Well you can’t expect Wolf to show up but Bloom and state senator should have been there. Some how we need to have pathways for power lines, gas/ oil lines and rail lines. The logical place would be parallel to interstate highways.
  2. gungun
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    gungun – February 13, 2015 9:52 pm
    both Gov Wolfe and STEVE BLOOM were invited, no response from either, so much for our officials

10 HOURS away…..Fractivists, Patriots unite

The inauguration of TomWolf in Pensylvania will be the showdown between Big Oil&Gas  and Fractivists from all over the country. The PRE inauguration meeting will begin at 216 State St in Harrisburg, PA. Environmentalists, Anti-Fracking groups and Patriots will be reminding him of how important our water is to us in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians Against Fracking is just a small group with a huge push to remind the Gov-Elect that the Fracking Companies in the state are consolidating and are dangerous, corporate sponsored entity that held a death grip on the citizens of rural PA. Educate and train the workers in the #shale industry in #sustainabile jobs.

The largest fear of Fracking and Shale Gas workers is that they will not be able to find jobs in #green #energy after the bubble and the Drilling Companies have made it very easy for them to wonder where their next paycheck is going to be coming from as the country becomes aware as to the atrocities of the Natural Gas and Pipeline industry.

Join us and let the rest of the country know that PA will spearheading a movement away from Nuclear, Gas Fracking and oil as we convert to EV vehicles.  ———–FFF        (my twitter account may have been compromised)


The Pe-Inaugural Meeting Tomorrow 1-20 09:00

Tomorrow fracking and pipeline activists will be meeting prior to the Inauguration of Tom Wolf at google maps 216 state street harrisburg at DuckDuckGo  The march to the Capitol will be at  10:00  with Josh Fox Writer/Directer of GasLand 1 & 2  and  Noharmtothefarm and  several other activist groups from Ohio, New York, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey and of course Pennsylvania and other members from LINKS page. See You There. If you use Twitter #lancasterpipeline #banfracking #fracking #organicfarms #DIRECTACTION   #NOFEAR   #ConstitutionalRights #2nd    —————





6a00e551eea4f588340167648cfd95970b-800wi      The horror story that has been unfolding will come front and center at the Event planned for next tuesday.

Clean Up Pennsylvania Rally in Harrisburg, PA
Capitol Steps, Harrisburg

Filthy energy makes for filthy government. Join Pennsylvanians Against Fracking to rid Harrisburg of the gas industry’s dirty political influence.

Tom Wolf just won the election to be Pennsylvania’s next Governor. As Governor, Wolf will have the power to halt fracking. However, we know it is going to take a lot of pressure to win a statewide moratorium.

That pressure starts November 18th in Harrisburg. We’ll use a big box of cleaning supply to show the next Governor how to clean up our state. Please also bring your own cleaning tools- brooms, mops, sponges- get creative! We’ll also bring some homemade solar panels to shine sunlight- the best disinfectant- on the Capitol.

Sign up today and let us know if you need transportation:

Southeastern PA: Click here to get on the bus to Harrisburg from Philadelphia. We’ll have pick up locations at 30th Street Station and King of Prussia!
Southwestern PA: Email Diane Sipe at to get plugged into carpools with Marcellus Outreach Butler and Marcellus Protest!
Lehigh Valley: Email Tara at to join the Lehigh Valley carpool!
State College: Email Melody at for the State College carpool.
Northwest PA: Email Sam Miller at to get plugged into a carpool from the Erie County area!
Let us know if you want to coordinate a carpool from your community by emailing
This event is the first rally held by Pennsylvanians Against Fracking, our new coalition with groups including Berks Gas Truth, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Marcellus Outreach Butler, Marcellus Protest, PennEnvironment and Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air.

For more information, check out our new Pennsylvanians Against Fracking website:

Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
N. 3rd Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Click “Sign me up” below to register today6a00e551eea4f588340167648cfd95970b-800wi




5331c87b83485.preview-620 Sunoco’s “Mariner East Project” is just one example of the total disregard the fossilfuel industry has for the people of this country.
Slicing through prime organic farmland (said to the best in the WORLD let alone PA or the USA), streams, wetlands, rivers (some endangered) and communities all to deliver “Fracked” Natural Gas to proposed LNG facilities that are being met with extreme opposition from the communities that they are destroying.
Being a totally speculative, petro-based fuel allows for it to sway radically in price from not only year to year but sometimes because of algarythamic trading it can fluctuate greatly on a minute to minute basis. This is the price of having your fuel 5000 feet underground and controlled by Wall Street.
Let’s take a look at 4 victims in Pennsylvania that aren’t human but certainly are the pulse of our Keystone State.
1. Organic Farmland:
2.Local Streams:
————————–-FFF Follow me daily @frackfreefarm on twitter!!!!

Go out and vote NOW!!!!

An initiative to break California into six separate states has proven to be more than just fodder for late night talk show jokes, after receiving enough signatures to be placed on the November 2016 ballot, the campaign announced Monday. • November: 146 propositions in 41 states, including 35 initiatives, 4 refer- endums, 104 legislative measures, 1 vote on a constitutional convention, and 1 vote on commission recommendation. Most active states: Louisiana 14 propositions, New Mexico 8, North Dakota 8.
• Hot issues: minimum wage, gambling, marijuana
• Bond issues: 19 proposi- tions for the year, propos- ing a total of $20.4 billion. Biggest: $11.1 billion in California for water projects; $2 billion in New York for school buildings.
• Senate battleground states with high profile proposi- tions: Alaska and Colorado.
• For the year: 158 propositions in 42 states, includ- ing 35 initiatives, and 4 referendums. Most active states: Louisiana 14 propo- sitions, Missouri 9, Califor- nia 8, New Mexico 8, North Dakota 8.



They know they’ll confront angry informed people, so let’s start way out in Western PA

Williams Partner’s (  One of the the largest pipeline builders in North America has pulled a nice little trick to settle down the angry residents of Lancaster County, PA.

Working in conjunction with Transco another heavyweight in the pipebuilding  industry they have left central PA (for the time being) and headed for safer less futile grounds. Still following the same protocol, they have taken foot in Southwest PA, have come up with The “Appalachian Gateway Project” running through Allegheny, Greene Washington and Westmoreland Counties. In West Virginia it hits Harrison, Kanawha, Marshall and Wetzel Counties.

Besides being some of the poorest, unpopulated areas these counties still have enormous “true” wealth, They hold some os the purest streams, The Monegahela River and vast resources for the habitat of wildlife of and humans.  When I went to investigate some of the species found in this area of PA, this is what I found, straight from the web site.

104.7 Talk Radio Gone!  From Allegheny County.

Last Post Reverse Sort Order Replies Views

Those were the last entries in the forums. And the PAFOA has pretty much shut them down, I assumed. —-Silly me.    Game Commission Looking Into Deer Deaths in Southwestern PA …

 WAS THE BIG ARTICLE FROM PA IN THAT AREA      The white-tail deer is so synonymous with hunting in PA we cannot let this shit go on. What’s next the trout???

Fracking may seem like a real game changer in PA and it is.  It’s killing off all the game. Deer are coming up with CWD, EHD  and every other abbreviation possible? Deer were never sick like this before.

I doubt many true hunters (like me) will see this post because it is somehow classified as Liberal, because it is Anti-Fracking Anti-Pipeline and so much more. But I call out to anyone who really cares about the future of PA’s wildlife (I don’t care if you watchem’ or shootem’) to really ask yourself, what is the true cost of this dirty, dangerous energy business ?

Transporting gas, (a negative sum energy source) is a pathetic way to prop up an economy. Besides being useless in the near future, some say the gas will last 25-100 years (a hell of a window) it all boils down to sustainability. We can do better then this.   ————FFF      th