Life’s Lessons…Revised 50/33 and a Full Moon

I have now some advice to give, this is my own and if it shared so be it.
1. I have stopped using the microwave except for the clock.
2. I have eliminated processed foods except on occasion, or in times when I need calories quick.
3. I steam my food.
4. I have removed anything plastic except things in relation to technology.
5. I have replaced things I own with glass, wood or metal
6. I clean filters monthly.
7. I give thanks to the Earth for allowing me in it every Full Moon.
8. If it has a button I press it every 33 days.
9. If it has a plug I unplug it every 33 days.
10. I make my own spices and soap.
11. I tell everyone in my family I love them at least monthly.
12. I hang my pans.
13. I communicate with people directly.
14. I grind my own coffee.
15. If it has a bulb I make sure it lit or has the ability to be.
16. I make sure that if has a joint or connection or switch it is turned every 33 days. (metal,bone,tile)
17. I make contact with every number in my phone or computer or I remove it.
18. If it has a drawer it is opened every 33 days.
19. I take off every piece of jewelry I own for at least 1 day a month, usually Full Moon.
20. I sleep at least 6 hours straight.
21. If it is glass I can see though it (excluding colored glass or stained glass I made.
22. I visit a doctor every 3 months (It could be on a computer or neurosurgeon )
23. I don’t abbreviate any word over 6 letters.
24. I open packages.
25. I turn the pocket of everything I own inside out on Full Moon.
26. I don’t keep more then 2 “junk drawers”
27. I only use a book shelf for books.
28. I don’t keep more then 2 of the same thing.
29. I keep chickens.
30. I cry.
31. I love unconditionally.
32. I empty it Full Moon.
33. I don’t expect anything.
34. I find out who an “expert” in a topic was funded by.
35. If it has 2 wheels I ride it.
36. I write at least 10 pages every 33 days.
37. If it controls my life I make contact with it.
38. If it is broken into more then 3 pieces I fix it or get rid of it.
39. I paint.
40. I don’t get cold.
41. I like owls.
42. I don’t let anything with more then 10,000 have more then 10,000.
43. I don’t keep more then 5 things that tell time.
44. I can reach everything on my body.
45. I celebrate at least 1 thing a month.
46. I don’t use fluoride.
47. I take the lids off everything every Full Moon.
48. If it has a purpose I know what it is.
49. I am an activist.
50. I don’t go to bed with dishes in the sink.

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