When twitter goes down ……@frackfreefarm

As much as I love twitter it has it’s days….Right now it is down, Do you have your own website to get information out to your community? Right NOW I, like most people on the progressive end of finance and collection am DIVESTING in ALL #fossilfuels and am showing others how to do that also! How to divest from fossil fuels, no matter the size of your … [Search domain grist.org] grist.org/climate-energy/how-to-divest-from-fossil-… don’t let the obvious go to the back burner. [Search domain www.hemp.com] hemp.com/hemp-education/uses-of-hemp/hemp-fuel/mak… http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Medical-Marijuana-Oil go local!!!! support your local farmers don’t let one more inch of farmland suffer to #pipelines #methane and #fracking we can ALL be converting to http://biodiesel.org/ ADVANCE SAVE our FARMS bring the people that are working like rats for large #coal companies out the mines! LET US BE THE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE WE ARE #share your harvest #love your neighbor!!!! IT IS TIME!!! #oprapidshift #directaction END FRACKING NOW!!!! make your own fuel, #golocal help our commercial drivers train for new careers in INDUSTRIAL HEMP and Local produce. http://biodiesel.org/what-is-biodiesel/biodiesel-basics do you need help? contact your local leaders and stop the mines. Stop the drilling NOW before it is too late. frackingblm

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