10 HOURS away…..Fractivists, Patriots unite

The inauguration of TomWolf in Pensylvania will be the showdown between Big Oil&Gas  and Fractivists from all over the country. The PRE inauguration meeting will begin at 216 State St in Harrisburg, PA. Environmentalists, Anti-Fracking groups and Patriots will be reminding him of how important our water is to us in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvanians Against Fracking is just a small group with a huge push to remind the Gov-Elect that the Fracking Companies in the state are consolidating and are dangerous, corporate sponsored entity that held a death grip on the citizens of rural PA. Educate and train the workers in the #shale industry in #sustainabile jobs.

The largest fear of Fracking and Shale Gas workers is that they will not be able to find jobs in #green #energy after the bubble and the Drilling Companies have made it very easy for them to wonder where their next paycheck is going to be coming from as the country becomes aware as to the atrocities of the Natural Gas and Pipeline industry.

Join us and let the rest of the country know that PA will spearheading a movement away from Nuclear, Gas Fracking and oil as we convert to EV vehicles.  ———–FFF        (my twitter account may have been compromised)


The Pe-Inaugural Meeting Tomorrow 1-20 09:00

Tomorrow fracking and pipeline activists will be meeting prior to the Inauguration of Tom Wolf at google maps 216 state street harrisburg at DuckDuckGo  The march to the Capitol will be at  10:00  with Josh Fox Writer/Directer of GasLand 1 & 2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gasland  and  Noharmtothefarm and  several other activist groups from Ohio, New York, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey and of course Pennsylvania and other members from LINKS page. See You There. If you use Twitter #lancasterpipeline #banfracking #fracking #organicfarms #DIRECTACTION   #NOFEAR   #ConstitutionalRights #2nd    —————





Prior to the Tom Wolf , inauguration, we will be holding him to his promise of starting a FULL MORATORIUM ON FRACKING IN PA. It will start at the Capitol Steps at 10:00am on January 20th.

December has been a hectic month on the blog and I apologize for not keeping everyone up to speed. Any Information that was relevant was kept up to speed on my Twitter Page, Rather than this home-page.

Although we had told Williams Bros. that they where not welcome in Lancaster County, They ignored The citizens of Conestoga TWP. Lancaster CTY. and started to drill in protected areas for the construction of a 42 inch Pipeline through a Sacred Native American Area.

We warned them that if they tried to build, they would confront not only Ecologists that have proven  the “Shale-Gas Boom” would create few Occupations and the risk of water contamination is hardly worth a few high-paying short term jobs in the construction and trucking sector along with having a ripple effect through the economy That could cause severe price fluctuation in some Fossil-Fuel industries.

As it stands on January 5th 2015 they have ignored the citizens of Conestoga and are using the right of way provided by PP&L to access areas that they were reach through otherwise LEGAL venues. There current location is 220px-Marcellus_Bedrock.svg

Many of the people I networked with prior to this event were arrested and the fight has just begun over Centuries Old Farmland and Watershed. Central PA is sure to be “Ground Zero” in the Fracking WAR that it using 1,000,000’s of gallons of water daily and is causing traffic and road damage that counters any profit that could be taken from a wellpad, not mentioning the damage to the forest ecosystems and the danger to the the workers.

I will try to keep up on places that we will be organizing and educating in the near future and you may feel free to contact me.

Covepoint, MarcusHook and the Mariner East II projects are all on deck. My Blog will be following these sickening projects that should be “Sustainable” Energy Projects rather then a free-fall backwards. ———-FFF