The Clinton County Confusion.

Although theIMG_0077




IMG_0029 pictures seem to show support for fracking in Clinton County PA, It is a ploy by the corporations to be “giving” while they are reaping the land of it’s worth. Local papers like this one are owned by Media Corporations that control the information that is given to the people. The main stream media is owned by the industries that it reports upon, making it easy for them to look good in the eyes of the locals. DON’T BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY —-FFF

The preceeding photos were taken at the Martic Twp. Lancaster County PA Meeting

Although some may think there is a pipeline coming through the county, It is not. This is the only Atlantic Sunrise Project Lancaster County PA will ever see.

The Bastards in the PA House of Representatives

These men refuse to hold any meetings to move a proposed bill forward that would call for the health effects of working and living in the shale regions of PA.

An Act providing for a health registry for the collection of health-related data associated with unconventional gas well drilling; and imposing duties on the Department of Health.
Prime Sponsor:
Representative BOBACK
Last Action:
Referred to HEALTH, Sept. 15, 2014 [House]10182

My trip to the edge of Ground Zero Fracking Hell

IMG_0009IMG_0012IMG_0013IMG_0017IMG_0034IMG_0039IMG_0029IMG_0031 Although I currently live in central PA, I wanted to see just how bad it got the farther north I went. Besides a noticeable lack of life in the stream behind my cabin, The culture starts to take a very different turn north of Lock Haven, PA.
Suddenly you are caught in a place that has a gross dualism in the culture. In that, I mean that there is something terribly wrong with “Big Money”. Either in the form of pick-up trucks that cost twice as much as the average house in the town of Renovo, PA or just the general lack of community that has been created by fueding neighbors. The natural gas industry has turned quiet winding roads into industrial thourofares. It has brought people in the state from 1000’s of miles away to work on Well-pads that have authorization from the state to use enough water to empty a small pond every day for the next 5 years.
There is a flurry of construction on roads and bridges.This construction is not because it was in need of being done, It is because it has to be done because Tractor and Trailer Trucks and Tri-Axles are using roads that were never built to get pounded daily with traffic that normally would never be in the area. State-game lands and State Forest roads are no longer open to tourism, they are industrial areas. I encourage everyone to get up to Clinton,Bradford,Tioga counties immediately and see the destruction/construction that is taking place. Get up there before Deer-Season and check your well, I doubt if it will be fit to drink.
Last year I wrote an article discussing how faith, terrain and class was segregating PA so this area, where you could get lost in 10 minutes, is no doubt ideal for the fracking industry. Your neighbor could have sold his/her mineral rights 5 minutes away from you and you would never know it. What you will notice though is a pot-hole 12 inches deep and the enormous amount of traffic.
Next time I head north I’ll expect to not be able to 4-wheel or snowmobile on my favorite trails or hunt successfully or fish with any luck.
Pennsylvania is not what it used to be. FFFIMG_0009

Betcha’ didn’t hear about this one…


Brought to you from fracking ground zero PA.    —-FFF

Oil, Gas Producers Commend Senate on Bill to Streamline BLM Energy Permits

News Media Contact
Neal Kirby /
202.857.4722 / 800.433.2851

For Immediate Release
September 18, 2014

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed by unanimous consent the BLM Permit Processing Improvement Act of 2014 (S. 2440), a bipartisan bill that reauthorizes and makes reforms to a successful BLM pilot project set to expire in 2015.   The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), representing companies that drill 95 percent of the nation’s oil and natural gas wells, is encouraged by the Senate’s action and hopes the House of Representatives will act quickly as well.

IPAA Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Political Affairs Dan Naatz said, “The pilot office project has a proven track record of success over the last ten years and we believe this legislation provides greater flexibility for BLM to respond to new opportunities across federal lands.  Production of oil and natural gas on federal lands benefits the entire nation through new jobs, government revenues and energy security.  Government bureaucracy is resulting in declining oil and natural gas production on federal lands. This bill aims to reverse this trend.”

Authored by Senators Tom Udall (D-NM) and John Barrasso (R-WY), S. 2440 permanently reauthorizes the Permit Processing Improvement Fund that was part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  This initiative was designed to streamline operations and help the agency deal with a backlog of oil and gas permit applications while balancing other duties.

This legislation seeks to reauthorize and expand the program by providing additional flexibility to the Secretary of the Interior to designate new project offices, accounting for shifting industry priorities as new oil and natural gas plays open up on federal lands.

The legislation is now awaiting action in the House.

The reason why PA will never stop Fracking and Natural gas…conventionally

th08264955343c3b6842453ddeee278e11Fracking three thingsPhoto-9.Pad-ready-to-frack-594x446frackingblm  FFF      Casey

The end of the innocence….

IMG_0022It will be here before you know it. Barren, cold but still elegantly beautiful. I’m sure it is by no coincidence that Texas-Eastern started placing marks on trees for removal before the season that finds most Pennsylvanians tied to a tv for a hockey, soccer or football game.

Look out the window and make sure your property has not already been surveyed for some sort of fossil fuel degradation,  then come back in and read the rest of this article. You may want to keep a towel handy to either sob or puke in.

1. FERC (federal energy regulatory commission) IGNORED EVERY LETTER, PETITION AND PHONE CALL.

2. WILLIAMS LP continues to act without even a hiccup in Lancaster County, PA.

3. ALTERNATIVE MEDIA is the only place to go for facts, figures and even more timely news then MSM although the major search engines even delay and censure information. (I would recommend RT LIVE it is most unbiassed source of facts out there right now.)

4. POLITICIANS save your breath, they have all had there pockets silver-lined with Big-Oil, Big-Pharma, or related corporations related to the Military-Industrial Complex.

5.  EDUCATE yourself and others daily as to the current status of Frack Wells, “Unconventional Drilling”, Shale Gas, Natural Gas, LPG, Pipelines. 

6. CONTACT your neighbors, family and friends, be prepared to discuss the topic with people who have been fed “The Natural Gas Lie” through commercials, radio,tv. and internet propaganda. This is a CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE not just an environmental one.

7. GLOBAL FRACKDOWN Berk’s County Gas Truth will be having a protest October 11th, bring your parents and a friend..

8. VISIT THESE SITES  if you are having a hard time wrapping your head around why Fracking and Natural Gas are a huge step backwards  will keep you within 18 hours (usually sooner of any breaking news globally)

9. CALL  OR TEXT  the sooner we unite the sooner they fall. 7  one  7   9onenine fornyne for 8   identify yourself as FFF and I’ll look at the text and/or pickup

10.  ONE EARTH we must all share this country and this planet to take down AGENDA 21, which includes LPG PORTS, DEMOLITION OF FARMLAND AND CONTROL OF THE WORLD BY THE .01%     ———–FFF