They know they’ll confront angry informed people, so let’s start way out in Western PA

Williams Partner’s (  One of the the largest pipeline builders in North America has pulled a nice little trick to settle down the angry residents of Lancaster County, PA.

Working in conjunction with Transco another heavyweight in the pipebuilding  industry they have left central PA (for the time being) and headed for safer less futile grounds. Still following the same protocol, they have taken foot in Southwest PA, have come up with The “Appalachian Gateway Project” running through Allegheny, Greene Washington and Westmoreland Counties. In West Virginia it hits Harrison, Kanawha, Marshall and Wetzel Counties.

Besides being some of the poorest, unpopulated areas these counties still have enormous “true” wealth, They hold some os the purest streams, The Monegahela River and vast resources for the habitat of wildlife of and humans.  When I went to investigate some of the species found in this area of PA, this is what I found, straight from the web site.

104.7 Talk Radio Gone!  From Allegheny County.

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Those were the last entries in the forums. And the PAFOA has pretty much shut them down, I assumed. —-Silly me.    Game Commission Looking Into Deer Deaths in Southwestern PA …

 WAS THE BIG ARTICLE FROM PA IN THAT AREA      The white-tail deer is so synonymous with hunting in PA we cannot let this shit go on. What’s next the trout???

Fracking may seem like a real game changer in PA and it is.  It’s killing off all the game. Deer are coming up with CWD, EHD  and every other abbreviation possible? Deer were never sick like this before.

I doubt many true hunters (like me) will see this post because it is somehow classified as Liberal, because it is Anti-Fracking Anti-Pipeline and so much more. But I call out to anyone who really cares about the future of PA’s wildlife (I don’t care if you watchem’ or shootem’) to really ask yourself, what is the true cost of this dirty, dangerous energy business ?

Transporting gas, (a negative sum energy source) is a pathetic way to prop up an economy. Besides being useless in the near future, some say the gas will last 25-100 years (a hell of a window) it all boils down to sustainability. We can do better then this.   ————FFF      th

The Latest Shaleviewer        17,300 permit actions in Pennsylvania

A Local “Incident”….In Franklin County PA (Marion)

2 40 gallon Propane tanks leak and it sends 2 to Johns Hopkins Burn Unit in Baltimore. Now consider a 42 inch in diameter  pipeline carrying compressed gas from Bradford County PA to Covepoint, MD and the possible implications.   ———-FFF

Every Revolution Starts with an Oil Spill

pipeline1Fossil fuels in general are something we should be moving away from with the current technology. Thank You MICATS for your directaction against Enbridge and their pathetic greed. In PA it’s Williams-Transco but they are all under the same veil of “we need this to become energy independent”. As we battle the fracking industry and construction of ports to export LPG like CovePoint, people are waking up to the fact that it matters not what political party you are supporting they have all been bought by Big Oil&Gas.

As 20% of the last spill still sits idle on the floor of the Kalamazoo River.  —FFF


Supervisors in Western PA receiving full blown Lawsuit

 Pulaski Township,  

Pulaski Township Municipal Building
1172 State Route 208
Pulaski, Pennsylvania  16143           724-964-8891 

These are the bastards that are being sued by Timothy Chito, and Elizabeth Kesner to step up the game. 60 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, it’s pretty much no man’s land but it still does not give the corporate drilling FRACKERS to do as they please. I stand in solidarity with them. Reminding everyone this is no longer an Environmental Issue this a CivilRights Issue.  FFF     

 Supported ? The Ogliagarchial rock that we hide beneath

Supported ? The Ogliagarchial rock that we hide beneath

Samuel J. Varano Supervisor (Chairman)
Lori Sniezek Supervisor 
Greg Carna Supervisor

Online list of water wells PA regulators found harmed by drilling fracking-rig      ————FFF       Fracking, Dimock, Bradford County,PA Susquehana County, PA,  PA Fracking ,Tioga County, Lycoming County, Wyoming County, Potter County, Cearfeild County, Clinton County, Sullivan County, Venango County, Crawford County, Erie County, Mckean County, Forest County,  Jefferson County, Clarion County, Elk County, Lawrence County,  Indiana County, Westmoreland County, Washington County, Fayette County