Williams Partners private meeting

fracking-rigThe meeting yesterday regarding the proposal of a 42 inch in diameter pipeline connecting the Marcellus Shale in northeastern Pennsylvania to the Maryland shoreline was truly sickening.

Having had to deal with large groups of angry people before, Williams-Transco knew how to feed the public PROPAGANDA at a rate that they could control.


1. Hold the meeting about the pipeline at a private venue so they cold control every aspect about the issue. 2. Have enough money have at least 4 different police departments present, armed and standing in an intimidating fashion. 3. Bring in PR people from all over the country so there were vehicles there from Texas to Massachusetts and everywhere between. 4. Break -up the meeting over a 6 hour period so that there would never be “large” group of people that are opposed to them entering  Lancaster County.

The entire proposal of the project is a demonstration of corporate greed.  Pipelines already exist that carry natural gas to the southern states, but this would be a mainline from the most violated, environmentally wrecked counties in Pennsylvania. Counties that already have over 6000 medical law-suits pending due to Fracking. Directly and indirectly Williams-Transco is a testament to the disfunction and unraveling morals of our current elected officials. Once the shale-gas aka  Fracking is exhausted or simply haulted due to the damage it has/is  causing there will be no need for this fossil fuel, therefore no need for a “pipeline”.   —-FFF  NO PIPELINE  NO COMPROMISE