As I’ve said before, until the Real Revolution kicks in……

We are simply spinning our wheels.

Another House Republican, Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), recently introduced a bill of his own aiming to reform another cash-crazy part of congressional politics: so-called leadership PACs. Leadership PACs are different from your typical campaign committee. Instead of raising money for a politician’s own reelection bid, leadership PACs, which sprung up in the 1990s, allow members to raise money for distributing to their colleagues’ reelection campaigns. By spreading money around to your pals, a lawmaker can earn some goodwill and climb the ranks within his or her own party. Thanks to a loophole in the law, however, lawmakers often use their leadership PACs to pay for golf outings, tickets to NFL games, and other swanky junkets that politicians can’t pay for with their traditional campaign war chest.

      This type of craziness is the thing that keeps the ball rolling in DC. One Rep at a time without the conjunctive support of his party let alone the  paid off players we call statesman will stop ANYTHING from truly moving on K-Street.         ƒƒƒ              OWS     OCCUPY     OCCUPY WALL STREET         OCCUPY THE FARM    OCCUPY EVERYTHING Thank you

You have , by making this page, made even more people aware that they should read the WHOLE PAGE.     Once again, THANK YOU FOR SHOWING YOUR TRUE COLORS (for those that care)  ———–ƒƒƒ       OCCUPY   OWS   OCCUPY THE FARM    OCCUPY EVERYTHING           ——–real         ————facade

Sorry I can’t let this go.

The FINE PRINT will surely sink our ship………………

             Upon searching for facts on various corporate Offices, I found what I thought to be a gift. One single page that listed ALL of the companies I was looking to put under the microscope. You would initially think that this page was compiled by fellow environmentalists or people genuinely concerned about the widening gap of the “Haves”—- aka—fuck you everything in the world is great and the “Have-nots”—-aka—-fuck you, I don’t have enough money for heating oil and groceries.   Kids, take your pick.  Sweaters or hot dogs this week.           ƒƒƒ        OWS       OCCUPY THE FARM     OCCUPY EVERYTHING

As for the fie print, here is what I’m talking about.      (if this page does not open, double click the header)   seems harmless enough. Now the disclaimer at the bottom of the web page showing how much Corporations care about YOU…… fine print………………….

            Note: This is not to be used to contact Corporate Offices nor is this site affiliated with them in any way. The purpose of this site is supply you with their phone number and address as well as share your thoughts . Your review will be posted and available for anyone to read so please keep that in mind when posting personal information.     

The Tradgedy of Corporate Owned-Pennsylvania

           Almost EVERY “Conservancy” “Land trust”or other word that Millionares/billionaires can come up with is supported by companies that support the fracking industry in PA. SO before you waste your money giving to any Pennsylvania Land Trust, you might want to know a little about them and the mask they hide behind. I’ll take ONE county for example because not only is it the county I reside in but it is home to some of the biggest “For Profit Pro Fracking Companies in south-central PA”  All hiding behind the name….” Farm and  Natural Lands Of York County”.   Top six donors in this trust are tied to either the Fracking Industry, The Military Industrial Complex,  or the Coal Mining Industry and they are all traded daily on the NASDAQ.           ƒƒƒ

           This is why it is going to take a REVOLUTION to change the country.


The Pennsylvania Fracking Plan


Year 2010: 1386 gas wells, 4718 well permits.

This is the Coporate contolled PA.          ƒƒƒ


TD Bank / Direct Action/ Tar Sands

I will try to provide the links to various DIRECT ACTION protests against TD Bank which holds 100’s of thousands of shares in the Keystone XL Project.

         Please keep in mind though that it will take a hundred+ years to “get off” fossil fuels even if the Fracking, Drilling, Mining ended today. This is not going to be an easy process. We can though refuse to consume.  The most effective form of protest is non-consumption and unity amongst your local population.  Learn your neighbors. Create a tribe. Wishful thinking? maybe. Reality? I wish I could say not, but I can’t.        fff            OCCUPY        OWS      OCCUPY THE FARM

No Excuses, Just me.

Sometimes we get engulfed in a topic that strays from our primary point of focus. That’s a pleasant way of saying my ADD is setting in for the month of November. Putting ourselves first in our personal lives, we sometimes have to sacrifice our hobbies and even in extreme cases have to put our causes that we feel so strongly about on the “back burner”.  By NO means have I not being taking an inventory of the tragedies that are unfolding on an almost daily scale.

Everything from gas and oil line mains bursting (please follow Penn Environment, Clean Water Action) to the pathetic actions of governor Corbett (R-PA) declaring that he would veto a medicinal hemp bill that would help everyone from Parkinson’s to Infant Epilepsy that finally has bi-partisan support from the PA legislature.

On a global scale, the  push of the USA’s  Global Military Industial Complex.

I will attach some articles of those that are hard at work. Thank you for keeping the torch burning while I work through my crisis. I’ll soon be back in full force. Peace till then, Heath

Some articles:

Thank the Attorney General for taking action to hold a fracking company accountable for their pollution.

Dear Heath,

Stand with Attorney General Kane against XTO.  Take Action!For once, I think the gas drilling industry is a little scared.

Why? Because Attorney General Kathleen Kane is taking concrete steps to rein in a fracking company for their egregious illegal pollution.

In response, the drillers launched an all-out attack on the Attorney General in efforts to send a message to other elected officials who are willing to hold polluters accountable that they will be targeted.

But we aren’t afraid. We’re proud. And elected officials who stand up and do the right thing for our environment should be too. They should know that there are so many Pennsylvanians out there cheering them on.

Will you tell the Attorney General that you support her efforts to stand up to the frackers?

Earlier this fall, the Attorney General filed criminal charges against XTO Energy for releasing illegal fracking wastewater in northern Pennsylvania–more than 50,000 gallons laced with toxic chemicals.  The pollution flowed over a local farmland and into a nearby pristine stream that feeds the Susquehanna River.  A grand jury announced that evidence made it appear that similar discharges had previously—and most likely illegally–been made at the site. [1]

XTO has responded by using the same tactics that the fracking companies have used to try and stifle all their critics—whether concerned citizens, academics or whistle blowers. This includes running ads criticizing the Attorney General’s actions in local newspapers, and launching an all-out PR campaign against the Attorney General’s office.

With so few advocates at the state and federal level who are willing to stand up against the frackers, we need to defend those who are standing up for every day Pennsylvanians like you and me.

Join me in telling the Attorney General that you support her efforts and will have her back, or that of any other elected official who’s willing to put our environment first.

I hope you’ll help me encourage our Attorney General Kathleen Kane to continue to stand strong in the face of this barrage.




David Masur
PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center Director

PS. Do you have friends who want politicians who go after frackers for violating our environmental laws? Please forward this to them so they can support the Attorney General too.

 [1] “Shale criminal charges stun drilling industry,” Philadelphia Inquirer, Sept. 13, 2013.

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Hemp Cannabis sativa
Annual Herb : Perhaps the most valued property of hemp (Cannabis sativa) is its percentage of essential fatty acids, which is higher than any other plant in the world. Although Cannabis sativa is illegal in the United States because of the dried leaves intoxica…

A sad propaganda display from CBS News on Sunday

by truthman_2012

The television program CBS  Sunday Morning gave a nod to the truth movement on their 50th anniversary coverage of the JFK assassination when the had a small bit on the persistence of conspiracies with Oliver Stone who actually called the official narrative BS. But on the CBS News website where the interview was later posted viewers were denied the ability to view that specific segment.

   The story was blacked out.

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Today, The Million Mask March

I cannot attend, but I encourage those of you who can to do so. If you have a cause it is probably going to be addressed in this grassroots protest in over 400 cities. Don’t be fooled with by many groups encouraging violence, this is a peaceful gathering happening wordwide. I will give you the OFFICIAL LINK;      OWS    OCCUPY       OCCUPY WALL STREET     MONSANTO         OCCUPY THE FARM  PEACE——-–ƒƒƒ——-