A Small Victory. Tread cautiuosly.


I would hope that everyone understands that this small restructering on the part of Goodman-Birtcher is just that, a restructering. Either we as “Concerned Citizens” have caught them off guard or they simply are playing with technical aspects of the construction. They are not in no means going to roll-over on an investment of that magnitude. I overheard a storekeeper in the township that is angry and most of the people that came in while I was there are upset that we cost the township jobs and revenue. That said, I would hope that 106 people are there for the township meeting and we establish a group to oversee any further zoning meetings so that this can not happen in the future, as this “Warehouse Project” is on hold. I personally like Fairview and do not want to see any more “Commercial Growth”. There are far to many local warehouses and empty buildings that need filled before we mow down anymore trees or farmland. As I have said in the past, speculation is not an indication of growth and real wage jobs are needed to lift up this economy.—Heath      creedon_3@yahoo.com(e-mail)  @Phaedrus12(Twitter) NoHarmToTheFarm.com(webpage)


GMO-OMG the film the East Coast doesn’t know about.

KPFK.org is a jewel I have to share with my readership, although I’ve been lacking the last few weeks, I stumbled upon this channel that offers various programs on everything from GMO crops to hormonal balances in the brain (John Gray).

This is truly the reason why I write or “blog” as some may say. It brings the average internet user one step closer to identifying the issues that are plaguing society. Anonymously, setting at home in front of your computer you can find out information on how to do everything from creating  awareness to offering a different perspective on a topic that broadens the scope of your knowledge and perhaps empowerment to spread the word about things and even Self-Help that we as central Pennsylvanians rarely see or hear.

So, even though I’d like to say thank you for hitting the the 2,500 reader mark ! ( even though I’ve been in a bit of a hiatus) I encourage you to go back over some of the articles in the past and see how they apply to the future. I truly think that most of them are still relevent.

Locally I encourage you to stay local and act global, keeping our government in check and even more so the corporations and banks that are pulling the strings behind your local politicians.

Once again as a concernedcitizensoffarview.org  WE will be up against the corporate giant Goodman-Birtcher that has proposed developement of large tract (2,000,000) acres  of land along  RT83, RT114, and the PA Turnpike at dangerous and perhaps deadly location.

On Wednesday, September 25th at 6:00 PM the fight against corprotocracy continues. This time with legal counsel present and Expert witnesses to present why this location is a poor choice for     Fairview and the children and of surronding areas.warehouse1

​​​William C. Brown, Chairman           717-901-5323      OCCUPY THE FARM___OCCUPY EVERYTHING      http://noharmtothefarm     ƒƒƒ
​Mario D. Pirritano, Vice Chairman  717-901-5324
​John C. Minito, Supervisor                717-901-5322
​Robert P. Stanley Jr, Supervisor       717-901-5316
​Christopher L. Allen, Supervisor      717-901-5319

WWW.Represent.Us, a reminder of those hard at work.

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Hey Heath,

Thank you for adding your name and demanding the Supreme Court stop punching America.

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The Supreme Court is threatening to once again tread on the foundation of our country. A new case, called McCutcheon v. FEC, may eliminate all campaign contribution limits from individuals.

That’s why I added my name to demand an end to Citizens United: Round 2.

Will you join me in demanding that the Supreme Court protect America in this historic case? Click on this link to sign on to show them we stand united against corruption: http://represent.us/citizens-united-2


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Philadelphia Park Police and Protesting, a bad combination.

Like usual, the psuedo-NWO  police have done it again. Moving  the gauge of their credibility ever so closer to empty. That’s alright though,it will have company with their brains which have also become staggeringly simple. As Emily Yates is abused by the police in this video, it is becoming more and more obvious the police have over-stepped their bounds. This time (unlike my incident) it was caught on video. From count , at the end their were over 10 police and park police involved. Once they get you over bench or wall and get your arms twisted behind you, when there are more then 2 pathetic excuses for “police”, it is impossible to talk. It is painful. Unfortunately the “officers” will most likely get a slap on the rist. At this point I assume she was arrested for disrupting the police and possibly resisting arrest. I am only helping move this video throughout the cyber system.——————-OCCUPY EVERYTHING——————ƒƒƒ ——————-http://noharmtothefarm.com