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Sometimes when I sit down to inform, I think of how other countries must view us. Taking the headline from “The Guardian” today, it’s hard to not feel alone in the international community. –——————–-OCCUPY EVERYTHING————–-ƒƒƒ—————–http://noharmtothefarm.com

“US attack on Syria delayed after surprise U-turn from Obama”

The simple way to stay in the loop, U-Stream and it’s importance.

Now that the media has been bought by corporations and our government has  failed us , the simple solution to stay on top of the true news is to follow the people that are able to follow. I have in the past explained how to purchase cameras that stream live on to the internet and the importance of them, here is just a simple link to tie you in to those that are on the front lines. Peace——————–-OCCUPY EVERYTHING-—————-ƒƒƒ   http://noharmtothefarm.com    


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August 29, 2013

Chloe Gleichman, Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands Spokesperson,
734-474-1974, elkecee@gmail.com

Lisa Leggio, Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands member, 616-928-8483,

Four Charged With Felonies for Action Against Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline

Facing 2-3 years of jail time, defendants from the Michigan Coalition
Against Tar Sands plead their case in court today

Mason, Mich. — In peaceful protest at a worksite in Stockbridge, MI on Monday, July 22, four people from the Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (MI CATS) locked themselves to destruction equipment working on the expansion of Enbridge’s Line 6B pipeline, the same pipeline that burst in 2010 and spilled more than one million gallons of tar sands oil into the Kalamazoo community. This action halted construction of Enbridge’s
pipeline expansion for the majority of the day. All four were arrested and have since been charged with felonies. Their charge is “resisting and obstructing,” a charge similar to that of assaulting a police officer. They are now facing 2-3 years in jail. Despite the fact that in Michigan there is an option to charge individuals with “resisting and obstructing” on a misdemeanor level, these peaceful protesters are being punished to an unusual extent with this unnecessary felony charge.      ————–ƒƒƒ————OCCUPY EVERYTHING————–http://noharmtothefarm.com

Sometimes actions speak louder then words!

For the first time in hundreds of posts I’m going to ask you to follow a link, I think that it is VERY important. Hopefully my page can get you there without having to join Twitter but I’ll give it a shot.-——————--OCCUPY EVERYTHING–———————FFF————–http://nohartothefarm.com



The American war on Syria looks like it may be getting delayed a little bit, with President Obama saying that he’s made his decision to attack and that the Pentagon has told him they’re ready to start firing missiles at Syria at any time.

At the same time, Obama insisted the attack was “not time-sensitive” and that he could attack today, tomorrow, or even a week or month from now. The big surprise, however, was that he said he will seek Congressional authorization for the war.

The administration has repeatedly insisted they don’t need Congress to start a war, and Obama reiterated that claim today, saying he absolutely has the authority to attack Syria on his own, but that he believes the “nation will be stronger” with a Congressional debate.

Obama gave no indication that Congress would be brought back into session early, however there has been some hint of willingness from the Senate (and not the House), and without that the debate would have to wait until at least September 9, a week from Monday. Though Congress is expected to be hotly divided on the war, the administration presumably wouldn’t have asked for a vote if they didn’t believe they’d win it, particularly after Britain’s involvement in the war was stalled by its parliament.

Assuming that that none of this changes, and assuming the president doesn’t intend to start the war and then seek authorization after the fact, that would delay the start of the attacks through the next week and into the early part of the following week………This article was just out, I credit the man who wrote it. I believe it IS time sensitive that the word be spread. I am DISGUSTED WITH YOU, YOU ZIONIST BASTARD.———————–OCCUPY EVERYTHING————————-FFF———http://noharmtothefarm.com


Texas Towns Frack Their Way To Drought Conditions

Antonia Juhasz: Fate of Texas is a reminder of the dangers of hydro-fracking techniques now embraced by President Obama –   August 20, 13

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Antonia Juhasz is an oil and energy analyst, author, and journalist. She is the editor of three Alternative annual reports for Chevron and the author of three books on the oil industry including most recently, “Black Tide the Devastating Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill.”


Texas Towns Frack Their Way To Drought ConditionsJESSICA DESVARIEUX, TRNN PRODUCER: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Jessica Desvarieux in Baltimore.

Thank you Realnews—————-OCCUPY THE FARM–—————ƒƒƒ—————http://noharmtothefarm.com

Thanks Max…

I have given up on coporate news. As I’ve said before, you can only trust as far as you can see and I’ve decided that my only sources for news are the exceptions I’ve listed earlier and Blogs of those who are pealing back the top layer of lies that are covered in a thin skin of misinformation. Every thing from the GDP to the interest and unemployment rates. The true numbers are frightening, exposing the global Ponzi scheme. The are no true economies anymore, just banks and governments printing.  Max Keiser 490 RT.com ——————-–Occupy Everything-—————-FFF—————-http://noharmtothefarm.com

Check Your Head….or settings

Much to my disgust, while I was updating my Twitter page, I happened to look at the column that sits idley by while we post away. Chase Bank had somehow linked onto my page and promoted itself. This is the kind of thing I’ve been warning people about for years. The .00001% somehow feeling the need to not only follow me and my tweets but to somehow lie and say that I promoted them as one of my favorites. These corporate liars need to give it up.

Not only do you fill my post box with trash, telling me how I can be rich on the cheap until my 19-23% percent rate kicks in a half a year from now, you have now taken the liberty to promote yourself in my personal space.  You opened up the can of worms , now lets play. Here is some of your personal information Chase. This Member of the Board is exposed. MY Followers, enjoy.——————ƒƒƒ—————–-OCCUPY THE FARM    OCCUPY   EVERYTHING——–http://noharmtothefarm.com

Funny how a B.A. in accounting goes a long way in a corrupt organization.    Salary:  UNKNOWNth

Timothy P. Flynn

Mr. Flynn was Chairman of KPMG International from 2007 until his retirement in October 2011. KPMG International is a professional services organization which provides audit, tax and advisory services in 152 countries. He was also Chairman (2005–2010) and Chief Executive Officer (2005–2008) of KPMG LLP, the U.S. and largest individual member firm of KPMG International. Mr. Flynn is a director of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (since 2012).

Mr. Flynn held a number of key leadership positions throughout his 32 years at KMPG, providing him with perspective on the issues facing major companies and the evolving business environment. Additionally, he has extensive experience in financial services and risk management. Prior to serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Flynn served, among other positions, as Vice Chairman, Audit and Risk Advisory Services, with operating responsibility for the audit practice, as well as the Risk Advisory and Financial Advisory Services practices.

Mr. Flynn holds a bachelors degree in accounting from The University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota and is a member of their Board of Trustees. He has previously served as a trustee of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, a member of the World Economic Forum’s International Business Counsel, and a founding member of The Prince of Wales’ International Integrated Reporting Committee.

Disgust and Delusion The sins(signs) of the times….

Divide and conquer, the old adage has been used with such great success, I doubt if it will ever go out of style. I’m at a bit of a loss for words this evening. For fear that I might trip upon my own words I”d like to use someone elses this evening. –—————-ƒƒƒ————–-OCCUPY EVERYTHING————-http://noharmtothefarm.com

   FROM THE MIDDLE EAST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The objective, they said in interviews, was to demonize the Islamists in the eyes of Egypt’s broader populace, validate the July 3 ouster of the Islamist president and subvert any possibility that dialogue would reintegrate the Muslim Brotherhood into Egypt’s mainstream politics.