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As most of you know by now, one of the main reasons I have time to write is because of my Gran-Mal Seizures that are uncontrolled and in turn making me unemployable. Last night I talk A fall that caused some serious physical injury. I will not be writing for a few days due to that.  I will talk to you in a few, Peace.    ƒƒƒ…


Simplification, Liquidation, Cancellation…The Beginning of the new you.

      I get by (for another day)  and admittedly feel a certain comfort in doing it. If you would see the “things” I’ve surrounded myself with you would probably not think that they are the possessions of a poor man. Perhaps if you look a little closer you’ll see that I’ve tried to remove the silver-plated, plastic materials from my home. Where it is possible, I replace anything that I plan to keep or use daily with things that are of the highest quality, that means that #1 you can’t have many things and #2 glass and wood has pushed the plastics out.

       Some devices though, I consider a luxury and I am grateful for the convenience they have provided me with. I find it very important though to not put any of my emotional energy into these things. If the I-Mac-Pad-Pod shuts down I refuse to have any neurological coinage stolen. Neurological coinage? Where did that come from? Didn’t see that one in the new Urban Dictionary you say? You won’t find that phrase anywhere but here. It’s my belief that the banks of  knowledge lovingly refered to as our minds,the grey matter, figuratively, need to go through an evaluation now more frequently then ever before.

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

     Ask yourself where you have your energy and love invested, Is it your land, your family  or perhaps you’ve gotten pulled into the dangerous area where profits of every order have warned. Possessions.  

      So, If  the love of “things” were recognized as being dangerous to our soul-health, the world as it is today is an extremely dangerous place. A kind of  Stage-Coach robbery of the coinage I spoke about earlier, realizing that something is inherently wrong but all the while just rolling forward, unable or perhaps unwilling to apply the brakes.

      If your ship is sinking, how much do you have to remove to stay afloat? If it is going down, would you want the best life boat available? If you are overwhelmed right now, be it inside or out, construct or deconstruct an area and make it your ship that any Pirate would be proud to say he had taken.

Peace from the farm.      ƒƒƒ——-


The Fear of Corporations, Government and The Common Man

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Strange that you still be reading on. I said that Sunday would be my day of rest. I am finding it hard to lay down though on this windy evening.

I just finished an article by Chris Hedges. For those of you unfamiliar, he is in the company of Jullian Assange and Bradley Manning. He currently is in federal court against the U.S. Government. (do I hear a knock????)

Currently these 3(three) people are standing with their necks exposed to the sick excuse that our country’s justice system has devolved into. When I read the article by Hedges it made me feel angry. Again.

I pictured what I hold dear to my heart, music. I pictured the inside of a concrete box that so many  poor, disabled, and socially excused from the “game” would see it look like. What it would sound like. I looked up and saw grey. I looked down and saw grey, with a hole in the corner to piss in. I saw a bed with sheets so white and pressed that it hurt my eyes. I looked at the slot that you get your breakfast served to you through, or was it dinner? I forget. After I cleared my sense of smell and touch, I heard no music.

I didn’t hear any drums as corporations hauled them off to the galley for the long ride. I didn’t hear any banjo pickin’ as the campfires were lit to fight the corporations war. I didn’t hear any thump as the bass guitar touted the protest of the corporations murderous actions across the globe.

As I write this, the AP has just unjustly been violated by the oligarchy, the 1/ 1,,000,000 of 1% that are the controllers. For now.

My keys are still working so the time is coming. You thieves and dictators, You makers of the machines that kill, Your mission here is soon done.

Leaders and liars to the masses, the bloated babies are being delivered. The children,half schooled, are restless. The adolescents are past questioning and the young and old man are wanting leaders  to usher them into a new climate and evolve past your greed.

I call your hand,  May morals find you. If they don’t, We Will.  ——–ƒƒƒ             http://noharmtothefarm.com

Whatever you do, DON’T FRACK with our BEER

  A story from Rawstory showed the seriousness about keeping the wells pure…

  • The Association of German Breweries sent a letter this week to German Prime Minister Angela Merkel and six Cabinet Ministers demanding a moratorium on fracking until more research can be carried out to allay concerns of water contamination.

Germans have had strict standards for beer brewing since the 1516 implementation of the Bavarian “Reinheitsgebot,” or purity law, which allowed only malted barley, hops and water to be used in the brewing of beer. (Yeast was allowed later, after it was discovered.) But the strict nature of the law, which remains in effect today, means that no additives of any kind are allowed — especially contaminants in the drinking water.

The breweries association spokeperson, Marc-Oliver Huhnholz, told Bloomberg, “We are concerned that fracking endangers the brewing water that more than half of Germany’s breweries take from private wells.” He explained to The Telegraph, “The water has to be pure and more than half Germany’s brewers have their own wells which are situated outside areas that could be protected under the government’s current planned legislation on fracking.”

Merkel’s coalition in government, which includes Germany’s two mainstream conservative parties, reportedly plans to offer fracking legislation before the September 22, 2013 elections that would allow fracking in some areas but not in others. The main opposition party, the Social Democrats, support a moratorium and the Green Party prefers an outright ban on the practice. The head of the Green Party in parliament, Bärbel Höhn, told Das Bild in January, “Fracking with toxic chemicals is prohibited. But the government wants to allow it in 86 percent of the region. That makes more than just the brewers concerned.”

Germany is under pressure from the European Commission to allow fracking, which involves injecting water and chemicals into the ground to draw out natural gas from rock formations. The practice in under fire in both Europe and the United States because of widespread reports of well-water contamination, health concerns, a poor industry safety record and the possibility that it has caused earthquakes.              Re-Blogged by     ƒƒƒ—-


Central PA and the lack of enthusiasm.

I will be with the Monsanto Group Protest in solidarity but I’ve discovered that, for those of you who want to attend a group meeting of the minds on the subject the place to go is NOT Lancaster. After contacting their  police department we’ve found that they do not have even 1(one) extra officer assigned to Penn Square. Harrisburg’s Occupy group has around 500 people registered to meet at the Capitol on Saturday. My guess would be that it will not even be reported. Actions on your own speak volumes in an area that is already bewildered governmentally with The Amish and other religious groups that have been saving seeds for hundreds of years. If you want to take part at the protest at the Capitol, it is “scheduled” for 11-2. I can’t attend due to legal reasons but I would encourage everyone to keep using Heirloom Seeds, Heritage Breeds of Livestock and not using Round up or Miracle gro. That will put a larger dent in Monsanto’s armor then standing with 50 -100 people on a sidewalk when it is a holiday and most stores are closed let alone the fact the entire PA Legislature is in recess AND there is a Festival on Front Street.    Go have a good time Saturday, whatever you do. Stay out of trouble . Peace—-ƒƒƒ—


My New Letter to Pat Vance, Pa State Senator District 31

Cosponsor Sen. Ferlo’s legislation for a moratorium on fracking:

We have spoken on the transparency of Government personally at my voting place, I don’t know if you recall but we had a brief conversation. This issue is very close to my heart as I have many, many family members with farms in your district. After years of avoiding the known truth’s about the dangers of trying to extract Natural Gas by “Fracking” under the water table and the sheer waste of fresh water AND undisclosed chemical usage by Corporations, Cosponsoring this piece of legislation would be superior example to show you care about the future of Clean Water in Pennsylvania.  —–ƒƒƒ      http://www.noharmtothefarm.com   Heath Strock.3905

Another Milestone and A Day of Rememberence.

        First, Thank you All for helping me hit  1,500 on the Blog. I know that sometimes it seems like Fracking and Farming take a back seat to my other interests like Corporate Greed, Government Abuse and other Moral issues but I try to stay on course. It is difficult to stay centered when the palate we call our world has been cracked, causing a strange hue that we , as citizens of the world is foreign in our known prism.—–ƒƒƒ

Secondly, I need to take this time to recognize The death of Ray Manzarek of the Doors and Jeff Hanneman of Slayer.

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News

Alternative Reporting, Re-Blogging and My own thoughts on Local, National and Internanational News