South-West PA Range Resources In Bed with the DEP

(old post) It turns out the Marcellus Shale lies sandwiched between two other potentially lucrative rock formations. This week we wrote aboutChesapeake Energy’s reported success in the Utica Shale, which lies below the Marcellus. The Upper Devonian Shale lies above the Marcellus.Platts reports that Pennsylvania driller Range Resources is looking to tap gas in that more shallow layer of rock.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow you’ll hear us tomorrow, it’s only a day away.


  • More than 5,000 miles of PA streams have been degraded by agricultural pollution—this is more miles of degraded streams than for any other major source of water pollution in Pennsylvania.
  • Organic growing methods are shown to reduce polluted runoff by as much as 20 percent and contain few to no toxic pesticides—PennEnvironment
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Just Say NO to Miracle-Gro/Monsanto–How to make your own potting soil.

I have created a 2 stage composting system that uses a highly modernized pitch-fork rotation system. I then have a screen, similar to a window screen frame that I shake the soil through to get out the rocks and it leaves me with very nice soil. I then fill last year’s containers with soil so I have “0 waste”.     ƒƒƒIMG_0059IMG_0061IMG_0062IMG_0063IMG_0060IMG_0064

Occupy and Pa /NYPD———-From The Farm

Unbeknownst to Occupy Wall Street, It  had an Occupy branch in PA almost immediately after setting shop at Zuchotti Park, It was small but effective. Only one person was arrested that suffered from Police brutality in  Harrisburg, PA, I have preached about protesting in groups with someone filming but it seems that filming Police violating your rights is not good enough for the courts. Our 2 tiered Justice System for some, Is in the business of breaking people financially.  If they can’t do that you will simply go to prison. The only thing that keeps me out of prison is my establishment in a “good” community and the fact I could afford a good Lawyer, “buy my way free so to speak”  but after 2 years my funds are depleted as I type. Thousands of dollars in legal fees, and the Constant chipping away at you financially by th D.A.. After I paid all my fines, did my community service and was accepted in to a program for advanced “recovery” for Felons here in PA I am broke. Wiped out. With No Savings and the bills keep coming all because I approached a Fracking Lobbyist on the Capitol Steps of PA. The Police said I was “combative”  Resulting in 2 Felony charges (stacked) & 2 misdemeanors(stacked) Although if you have been following this Blog for sometime you know I am Epileptic, apparently the Police think they are Doctors, Unfamiliar with seizures, Partial and Gran Mal,  I ended up spending the night in the Hospital after my confrontation. The event took place on the steps in front of the Capitol Steps. Although they erased the taped event to cover up the evidence of their misconduct. Please check this docket # for Dauphin County of PA about the Event,(Commonwealth Vs. Heath Strock—NO(s)  CP-22-CR-0399-2012) It is a travesty that now with facial recognition skills from hundreds of feet away they have such poor security cameras for a Federal Building, on a 24-36 hour auto-erase loop. I believe this is a lie personally. There was NO evidence recorded from the event  although many Officers and EMT’s could come forth with what they witnessed that day. Especially the ones that chained me to the wall underneath the Harrisburg Police HeadQuarters. Oh, and if it is not new news, to you, the HPD thinks the Capitol Police of PA are asses.—— OCCUPY EVERYTHING ____OCCUPY THE FARM____OCCUPY HARRISBURG___OCCUPY WALL ST-——-ƒƒƒ—

Moratorium Deadline for Petitions in PA


We¹re closing in on the end of our drive for 100,000 petition signatures calling for a fracking moratorium.  First, let me thank you for collecting moratorium signatures from family and friends.  You, and hundreds of volunteers across the Commonwealth, have made it all possible.

Second, I¹m getting ready to deliver all the signatures on April 30th (the largest petition drive in the last decade) and I want to make sure I can include yours.  Please mail your signatures back by tomorrow (Friday at the latest) to:

Adam Garber


1420 Walnut St., Suite 650

Philadelphia, PA 19102

If you¹ve already mailed your back, thanks and you should expect your bumper sticker soon.


Adam Garber

Get your petition downloaded Pdf. file) on PennEnvironments site. Peace   ƒƒƒ —–


My new Vision…Expose the EPA One by One, Let’s get personal.

I figure since I’m on the blacklist for travel, Let’s get to meet the EPA of Region #3  (PA). On second thought, let’s go straight to headquarters. Enjoy the new e-mails Mr. Miller.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Site Code Site Description

USEPA Headquarters
Ariel Rios Building
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W.
Mail Code: 2242A
Washington, DC 20460

Office Phone – Extension Email

My New Letter To The Senate (PA-R-Toomey)

Mr. Toomey, Kindly remove the pictures on your website because they do not represent  Pennsylvania. The State Forests have been leased to Fracking Companies the Farms are becoming  few and far between and our cities’ lights are powered by your dirty energy. PS: As long as this country and the rest of the world is a dangerous place we will never give up even one shell let alone a gun. Peace.



Once again another study…..

Watchdog group’s Monsanto profile shows dangerous practices, history

The watchdog group Food and Water Watch has published a corporate profile of Monsanto, the chemical company founded in 1901 that produced Agent Orange before becoming the leading producer of genetically engineered seeds. Among the report’s findings was that one Monsanto plant produced 99 per cent of all polychlorinated biphenyls, which are carcinogenic and cause havoc on the reproductive and immune systems, in the US over a four-decade span. Researchers also found that Monsanto’s pesticide product line includes at least six chemicals deemed Bad Actors by the Pesticide Action Network, meaning a variety of toxins and water contaminants are released into the environment with little or no oversight as a result of their use. Food and Water Watch’s Patty Lovera called Monsanto “the poster child for the need for antitrust enforcement” and recommended customers buy organic crops to make up for the government’s failure to “stop this arms race of the next crop and the next chemical.” —–Almost monthly articles similar to this arrive at the news stand or the inbox of every American. I eat and have been encouraging people to eat Organic for some time now and the main factor stopping you is cost/availability. Without getting into anything complicated I’ll just say one thing. Dried Beans. Contact me on how to add a little variety for under $5 a day—–ƒƒƒ—-         

Cops—Get your free pass here.

Anthony Bologna (center). (Image from charges for NYPD cops filmed punching, pepper-spraying Occupy protesters 

After an encounter myself during Occupy, this sickens me. If you have an encounter  with police, it seems that video of the event is no longer viable evidence. Just as I have been and am currently in the criminal justice system for protesting, if you get into an engagement with the police, it will be a long and costly matter. The police get a pass to trump your rights and once you are in the system, the next time will be just as bad or worse. Luckily at the time of this writing I don’t have my docket number or else I would thank officer what ever his name was for costing me 1000’s of dollars and counting.—ƒƒƒ—-     —-OCCUPY THE FARM-—-QUESTION AUTHORITY—-