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Chairman of Chesapeake Energy Aubrey K. McClendon has served as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and a director since co-founding the Company in 1989. From 1982 to 1989, Mr. McClendon was an independent producer of oil and gas.

  –—————-with such a laundry list of ties to the industry  you would think he knows better by now but this is the epitome of greed in my opinion. When there are people that go to sleep without heat, you would think he could cough up a few million to revamp a city, create a non-profit hospital or restore the education system of an entire state. This is the line where capitalism has gone horribly wrong. Sleep well tonight MR.McClendon your time and kind is soon going to be over.

Water. That’s what it comes down to.

A natural gas well is shown in a rural field near Canton in Bradford County, Pa. Those who seek to pursue fracking should do so carefully, Stuebi writes, knowing that the industry can’t afford many bad black-eyes.

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On February 13, the Cleveland office of the law firm McDonald Hopkins hosted a panel to discuss the pivotal water issues facing producers of oil/gas from shale via fracking.  In addition to three MH attorneys, the panel also included Jeff Dick (Director of the Natural Gas and Water Resource Institute at Youngstown State University), Samuel Johnson (Director of Water Asset Development for CONSOL Energy (NYSE: CNX)), John Lucey (EVP of Business Development and Engineering for Heckmann Corporation (NYSE: HEK)) and Sudarshan Sathe (President of Water and Wastewater Equipment Co.)

I took away three main observations from the panel discussion.

First, it’s important to keep in mind the distinction between produced water and flowback water.

Second, as significant as the challenges are for treating the water resulting from fracking operations, sourcing the quantity of water from fracking operations may be even more challenging.  Simply, fracking operations require enormous quantities of water.  While the voluminous Great Lakes would seem a natural supply basin, the Great Lakes Basin Compact signed a few years ago by the jurisdictions within the Great Lakes Basin precludes transporting Great Lakes water outside the basin — and while the Marcellus and Utica shale plays are not far at all from Lake Erie as the crow flies, it nevertheless so happens that they generally lay outside that basin.  Thus, fracking operators in the Marcellus and the Utica have to get their water from somewhere else.Lastly, for a company that is historically rooted in the coal industry, CONSOL comes across as highly progressive.  Among other eyebrow-arching comments, Mr. Johnson argued that environmental regulations associated with fracking operations needed to be tighter than they currently were simply to drive further technological advancement — existing practices just weren’t good enough.

The panel was timely:  just a week prior, in an appallingly flagrant disregard of environmental law, a renegade operator in Youngstown called Hard Rock Excavating was caught by regulators dumping untold tens of thousands of gallons of untreated wastewater into the Mahoning River (which drains into the Ohio River).  The principal of the operation, a Mr. Ben Lupo, is subject to up to three years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines if convicted of violating the Clean Water Act.

(Oh, by the way, even though he was only just recently caught red-handed, this event doesn’t appear to have been the first for Mr. Lupo, who seems to have a long history of illegal water dumping, according to this article by the Vindicator.  Not to mention, Mr. Lupo also owns and operates another company, D&L Energy, which was responsible for the injection wells thought to have triggered the seismic activity in Youngstown in late 2011.  It’s almost as if Mr. Lupo is waging a one-man public relations demolition derby for the industry.)

My guess is that everyone on the panel, and presumably in the audience, would be in favor of strict punishment for Mr. Lupo, assuming that his guilt is confirmed.  Not only are the environmentalists up in arms, the panelists and others who seek to pursue fracking in the Marcellus and Utica shale know that they can’t afford many bad black-eyes like the one(s) wrought by Mr. Lupo’s apparent disregard for good practice. Water’s just too important for the fracking business not to handle wisely.

 ——————–This is the type of story that we as  fractivist/bloggers stumble onto days,weeks or even a month after the fact. The story here originally is buried in a magazine. It may have aired at 09:00 GMT and was never published. The essential facts are scattered about and the true heart of the story, although well written, is lost in a sea of commercials and internet spam. I feel honored to be able to clean it up and make it accessible to you , being the average person is stuck often with 2 jobs in this economy or just plain tired.—————







The Frackers Stumble

The Frackers Stumble

—————–In this very informative post by RT, Colorado is reporting the intercepted emal that could make the difference in the futures of Oil & Gas in Colorado. Time to pay the piper. Your dishonesty and back-deal mergers can only go so far before the people acquire the evidence that hiding the “Frack-Facts” suppressed for so long until the nation realizes there has to be accountability. You can only use up so many bottles of white-out and so many falsified records until the inevitable collapse.

The Hagy Law Suit Against Fracking {This post has sound}.


LAUREL PELTIER — The Hagys’ water contamination lawsuit demonstrates how the natural gas industry has built a near-perfect “federal legal exemption’s framework” that when combined with lax or absent state regulations and the legal system’s high costs, inherently approves of citizen collateral damage with no restitution …more

             —————————This a fantastic video and then article by Laurel Peltier  describing from step one to one hundred how we are in a vicious quagmire  currently.  The initial fail on the part of the Hagy’s to research the possibilities of their property and all those surronding it and then the detereration of the entire situation when trying to fight a COOPERATION. As I’ve stated many times it is TIME to read the “small print”. I for one can state a perfect example that is readily available for you to understand the scope of national and national/global companies that are working for nothing but profit. Go apply fo a “Care Credit” or “Lowes” card to take advantage of their initial 0% interest specials. Not only do you need a microscope to read the disclaimer but the businesses are often times tied to a GLOBAL company like GE to help them as a kind of “default insurance” in the event you were unable to fulfill your fininantial obligation. So, next time you go to the Dentist for a filling using your card, keep in mind you are in fact supporting General Electric and then ENJOY your time in the chair, I’d opt for the Mercury-Free.

My Thoughts on an ECO-WATCH article….

@Mark, Point taken. Agenda 21 (familiar with it)? IT could very well be a factor we have to consider as they create their cooperate patchwork. The more I thought of that as a conspiracy theorist idea, the more it looks like it looks like a grid that could very well serve for the herding or let’s just say the encouraging of population centers. Cooperations have no soul, they do in fact have one thing in mind, globally taking this world’s fossil fuels for every penny. AS long as the revolving door of Government-Lobbyist-Scientist-Lawyer-Head of of”________________”—Lobbyist and then back into Private sector, Keeps under the radar of most people. I do believe that anything less thing then a global population “shakedown” is in order. STEP ONE is to get rid of that law that claims cooperations are “people.” Financially, that puts a price on everyone’s head. Example: XYGAS co. Will produce a well with a cubic per day capacity on an anonymous road in rural PA that has 2 farms on it, Guess who wins. If the farmer’s drain their savings fighting big Oil % Gas the farmer’s will win. To the CEO of a gas company listed on the NYSE, (Cabot, Range Resources, Chesapeake Energy, etc.) they actually think of it as part of doing business (maybe no sunday golf game this week) because they have to conjure up some cheesy , We’re so sorry story for the media that is already bought up by Clear-Channel. The family that was once picture perfect is now living out of 2 500 gallon white water drums that the company kindly fills for them every 2 weeks. Anyhow,keep your fracking away from of my Community Garden All-Organic- Non-Gmo-Heritage Seeded Garden. —

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Tell Gov. Corbett don't allow drilling in LoyalsockDear Heath,

Loyalsock State Forest is the heart of Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains Region, and provides thousands of visitors amazing hiking, canoeing and camping experiences.  

But now, Governor Corbett is on the verge of allowing gas companies to drill it.

This would be the first state forest opened to dangerous gas drilling in over two years, violating the spirit of a moratorium on leasing state forests to drillers and potentially leading to more drilling in our state forests in the next few years. 

We can’t let that happen. Tell Governor Corbett’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR): “Keep drilling out of Loyalsock State Forest.”

If the governor allows Anadarko, a Houston-based gas company, to drill in Loyalsock, the park’s land would be torn up and vulnerable to pollution. Anadarko has already been cited for over 150 drilling violations in Pennsylvania and is already surveying lands for drilling around some of the best hiking paths—something we can’t stand by and allow. [1]

Instead of defending one of our great state forests, Governor Corbett’s DCNR is standing idly by and letting Anadarko move full steam ahead. No one wants to see the beautiful Loyalsock State Forest and its incredible hiking trails ruined by the pollution and destruction of gas drilling. 

Stand with us and tell our environmental officials to defend Loyalsock State Forest.




David Masur
PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center Director

PS—We need to create enough of an outcry in the next two weeks to ensure Loyalsock is safe from drilling. Can you get 5 more of your friends to take action to help us hit our goal today? Forward this to others who want to protect our state forests!

Tomorrow’s Rally in Philadelphia

Tuesday Action: Stop the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Army Corps of Engineers!

February 25, 2013

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 26th between noon and 1 pm in Philadelphia, residents in the lower Delaware River Basin have a chance to protest the ongoing clear-cutting now taking place in the upper Delaware River Basin. As residents in the upper Delaware River Basin — in the Milford (Pike County) area of Pennsylvania and across the river in New Jersey — begin their second week of public vigils, protest, and direct action to stop the clear-cutting now going on to make way for a fracked gas pipeline called the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Upgrade, this week downriver voices join in.

On Tuesday, at a vigil (12:15) and press conference (12:30) organized by Protecting Our Waters at the Army Corps of Engineers office in Philadelphia (Wanamaker Building, 100E Penn Square, Phila 19107), speakers will include Maya van Possum of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network; Matt Walker, of the Clean Air Council, to speak about the devastating impact fracked gas pipelines and compressor stations have on air and climate; Rachel Leone, who has been involved with the upstream protests; and a statement by Gifford Pinchot, who has been sitting in a tree to block the clearcut.

For more information please contact or call/text Iris: (mobile)

—— Iris, Although I will probably not make any friends by taking the following position but at some point a pipeline will have to be made, Responsibly. There are just far too many natural gas combustable engines already in play. I hold a VERY  FIRM  position for a complete Moratorium on Hydro-Fracturing, Fracking, or Frac whatever you want to call it but there is a separation though between that and just simply transporting LPG or Natural Gas in a move towards alternative fuels but putting a pipeline through Wetlands, State Forests/Preserves and Native American Lands along with many others I’m not  mentioning is foolish. I see no need to “Cut down Forests” to run a pipeline, and that is why my best wishes will be with you tomorrow.  —–


From the Catskills & A statement from a lawyer here in PA warning a soon to be “shallionaire”…

From the Catskills, One of the Many Lies

Truth – The “overbearing landman” is a very common complaint we hear from our clients in rural Pennsylvania who have been approached by a “landman” solicting gas lease agreements for the drilling of marcellus shale. The process can be very overwhelming, a man claims to make you a “shallionaire” overnight, if you SIGN TODAY. Landmen are contracted by the large gas companies, while many landman are professional and kind, they do NOT work for the landowner. If gas companies are soliciting you, they want to secure an agreement with you. Do not be fooled by the slimly shale sales tactics of Landmen.