Citizens United Against Pipes and Powerlines

As the future of giant utilities and fuel companies is seen to be almost non-existant within a decade, you must wonder if any claim of eminent-domain is hardly relevant. Plus in Pennsylvania, property is clearly un-predictable in the manner of taxation, therefore it cannot be purchased by any corporate entity. —-FFF

Hash’s UNITE THE WORLD ¥ø𓑬˚∆˙ƒ∂≈ç©˙√∫∫˜µ


The Healing

    Let us start  #local, healing our own Spirits, Families and Communities so we can quickly move with quality to the Earth. Let us be patient as the Earth mends itself,  and we return to a living wage for all of Mankind and health for all Creatures. Let us be wise as we tolerate the wounded Souls that have had  hate and injustice bestilled  in them from before and after conception . Let us cooperate with the Wild and the Wild Souls that have been created thru corporate and private greed.
    It was not in the grand plan to not have every man/woman/creature to be wise. It was not in the Plan to not be Tolerant. War was not in the Plan. Every creature on  Earth was to have Health and Wellness and Joy. Let us be Bold and Peaceful and Loving. Let us Dance and be loved. Let us be guided by Spirit not Religion. Let us lose Ego gracefully. Let us be Sustainable and not controlled by any beings. Let us be warriors of wisdom and have the agility of a cat. Let us have our medicines be the creation of the Earth and our teachers be from our community. Let our food come from our local farms and our energy be from the Stars. Let us have no reason to kill or trespass. Let our Air be clean and our bodies be cleansed of the impurities we have directly and indirectly created. Let our Farms be safe and our Children be Cradled in Love and Compassion. Let us forgive and forget in God’s will. Let the fish be clean and the animals be safe from harm. Let us Dance, Sing, Laugh and Pray to God the Earth will be a Safe, Generous and Kind place. Let us have Peace. Let a day be filled with Freedom. Let a day be with our own Mind’s and Bodies and then with Community. Let there be Nature and Harmony after the healing. Simplify. One Day  At A Time. Let there be Growth in all the Earth from it’s Core to the outer stretches of the Universe. There are roads to be ridden and paths to be walked. There is light and darkness to be enjoyed. There are Oceans to be navigated, Beaches to bathed in and  Countries to be Explored after we Heal the Past. Let every day start with Beauty and Justice. — H. A. Strock 2015. Earth.

Life’s Lessons…Revised 50/33 and a Full Moon

I have now some advice to give, this is my own and if it shared so be it.
1. I have stopped using the microwave except for the clock.
2. I have eliminated processed foods except on occasion, or in times when I need calories quick.
3. I steam my food.
4. I have removed anything plastic except things in relation to technology.
5. I have replaced things I own with glass, wood or metal
6. I clean filters monthly.
7. I give thanks to the Earth for allowing me in it every Full Moon.
8. If it has a button I press it every 33 days.
9. If it has a plug I unplug it every 33 days.
10. I make my own spices and soap.
11. I tell everyone in my family I love them at least monthly.
12. I hang my pans.
13. I communicate with people directly.
14. I grind my own coffee.
15. If it has a bulb I make sure it lit or has the ability to be.
16. I make sure that if has a joint or connection or switch it is turned every 33 days. (metal,bone,tile)
17. I make contact with every number in my phone or computer or I remove it.
18. If it has a drawer it is opened every 33 days.
19. I take off every piece of jewelry I own for at least 1 day a month, usually Full Moon.
20. I sleep at least 6 hours straight.
21. If it is glass I can see though it (excluding colored glass or stained glass I made.
22. I visit a doctor every 3 months (It could be on a computer or neurosurgeon )
23. I don’t abbreviate any word over 6 letters.
24. I open packages.
25. I turn the pocket of everything I own inside out on Full Moon.
26. I don’t keep more then 2 “junk drawers”
27. I only use a book shelf for books.
28. I don’t keep more then 2 of the same thing.
29. I keep chickens.
30. I cry.
31. I love unconditionally.
32. I empty it Full Moon.
33. I don’t expect anything.
34. I find out who an “expert” in a topic was funded by.
35. If it has 2 wheels I ride it.
36. I write at least 10 pages every 33 days.
37. If it controls my life I make contact with it.
38. If it is broken into more then 3 pieces I fix it or get rid of it.
39. I paint.
40. I don’t get cold.
41. I like owls.
42. I don’t let anything with more then 10,000 have more then 10,000.
43. I don’t keep more then 5 things that tell time.
44. I can reach everything on my body.
45. I celebrate at least 1 thing a month.
46. I don’t use fluoride.
47. I take the lids off everything every Full Moon.
48. If it has a purpose I know what it is.
49. I am an activist.
50. I don’t go to bed with dishes in the sink.

The Key to Happiness…Flow

Just finding out certain events in the world, I feel as though my mind has been torn. I spent the day with family at a birthday for (Dominick) a clever young boy that is in the company of my brother and was born on Hallow’s Eve a rather dark holiday that brings out an odd bunch to the table all over the world.
I find comfort in the climate of family even though it was the warmest November 1rst on record.
I am praying for the families of a flight that is said to have come to pieces accidentally but just hours after an end to this hellish conflict was in view and the oil companies and drillers were looking like humanity was finally being deconstructed by the majority and #divested by the global masses… attachment and lack of lubrication is the key and cause of suffering in a Buddhist State of mind. That is so true and my feelings are in every crevice and crack in our world as it sits today. Everything must be fluid no matter if it is a hinge or a relationship, if it is stagnate or covered it can function improperly.
Attention to detail is imparative.
To simplify and to NOT profile any area or event would surely apply the brakes in a beautiful way all throughout our tragic yet compassionate time we are currently occupying.
To put an end to things is vastly different than stopping something abruptly and without love.
The world currently is in a delicate mode that is crying for balance, another one of those words that are misconstrued by the lives of those without a brain, or fail to use their own.
This post is for the world. This post is especially for those I love everywhere. Family (Abbigale, Sunny and Zeb) For Everyone that I love as a friend and for immediate family.
It seems as though nothing makes even a fraction of sense presently as the chatter of a global clutter is gripping any citizen that is not in the present moment.
I had a strange feeling that the landscape of the mountains were holding secrets, they were enough literately leaving you speechless on this fall day. Let’s take the moment to sit within truth, in the brilliance autumn. H.A. Strock (FFF)